Malini Saba Demonstrates that Women can succeed too

Succeeding in this world as a woman can be very difficult. There are many obstacles that hinder women from attaining their full potential. Malini Saba was not an exception and had to deal with these problems while she was building her empire. She had to fight against cartels and individuals who were so determined to eliminate her. In these fights, she lost a lot of energy and resources but emerged with a lot of experience. However, she put on a fierce fight and emerged a winner. Since then, Malini Saba has built a business empire, and she has become a well-known investor and philanthropist from southern Asia. Malini Saba currently resides in the USA with her daughter and her family.


Malini Saba has diversified interests as her investments range from oil and gas in China, rice and palm oil plantations in southern Asia and even technology companies in Silicon Valley. Malini Saba also owns real estates in southern Pacific. She has properties in India and Australia. She also owns large tracts of palm oil fields in the same region. Malini Saba is also an active giver as she constantly gives back to the community. This can be shown from her role in the Stree: Global investment in Women. This is a charity organization that mainly focusses on helping the underprivileged women improve their living standards. She is a lady who believes in elevating other people too. Some of the Silicon Valley technology companies that she invested in includes Paypal, Netscreen Technologies as well as Sycamore Networks. These companies generate her a lot of income and have played a significant role in the position she currently occupies.


Despite being a rich lady, Malini Saba still takes care of her family. For instance, she does not hire a nanny to take care of her kid. She prepares meals for her family and personally takes her child to school. On a normal day, she wakes up very early to handle telecommunication calls from Asia, as much of her business is located there. She then prepares her child and takes her to school. Later on, she begins preparing for her day’s work which is very tiring. She has to handle a lot of calls and emails at work. She is still the chairman of Saban. She has donated generously in the past. For example, she donated around $1 million that would be used to fund a heart research center for people with Asian origin. This was back in 2005. She also promised to give around $ 15 million for victims of Tsunami in Sri-Lanka and India.


Dr. Jennifer Walden- Ambitious, and Committed to Excellence

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s profile featured on the SuperDoctors site is impressive, to say the least. Her practice, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center is currently based in her home roots of Austin, TX, along with a satellite facility that is cosmetic surgery clinic at Hill Country Memorial Hospital. Dr. Walden previously performed plastic surgery as an Attending through her fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She also held a teaching position at the New York University Langone Medical Center as the Clinical Instructor of plastic surgery. During her time in NY, she also maintained the position of Program Director of the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship.

Her education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from The University of Texas, she completed her degree with Honors, she then moved achieving her Medical Doctorate coupled with Highest Honors at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Walden also completed an externship in Miami for the Plastic Surgery Associates. Two achievements and awards she has been recognized for are; The Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award, The Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation.

 Dr. Jennifer Walden is a picture of success; she balances a prestigious career, maintains high standards in her field, advises and continues her learning, all while raising twin boys. She currently holds a spot on the board of directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a spot which is held by very few women. She also holds membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and holds the dual role of a media representative of both the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Walden is most motivated by inspiring women to look and be their best. She takes special care in her work by making sure her warm and confident personality reaches each of her patients and staff. She has also been recognized for bringing updated and modern technology to her practice for example, Vectra (3-D imaging) and instruments that assist in breast surgery that she herself helped design.


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The Importance of Relationship In Reputation

When it comes to reputation, one of the most important aspects is relationships. In order for one to have a good reputation, he has to have a relationship with his customer. For one to be able to maintain a good reputation, he has to make sure that his relationships with other users including his customers are good. The person must think about the different people and companies that he has came across. When one has a good relationship with the person in question, it is a lot easier to believe the good things that are said about the person. It is a lot harder to believe any bad thing that is said about the person. If the bad thing does turn out to be true, it can be easier to forgive. Therefore, it is important to build positive relationships.

One of the reasons that positive relationships is important is that he will have loyal followers when it comes to attacks. When someone decides to attack the company or the person for any reason, he will have a group of people that are willing to defend him. This is especially helpful for misunderstandings and honest mistakes. As a matter of fact, every truly good business is going to need the help of loyal customers because they are going to make mistakes and get someone mad at them.

Even in the case of a attack, it is important for one to continue to build the good relationships with his audience. As long as he keeps engaging with the audience, they will be more willing to continue to interact with them. For one thing, audiences are also looking for a healthy and strong business. They don’t respect a business that is going to crumble and wither from one bad review or statement of disapproval.

How InnovaCare Is Transforming The Healthcare Sector

InnovaCare Health, for more than one decade, has established a strong foundation in the managed healthcare sector. Based in North America, the company offers Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks, an effort that is transforming healthcare and making access to essential treatment easy. Patients are assured of getting quality services that are offered through modern technology that meets international standards.

The company offers high quality services through an integrated model that is sustainable and cost-effective for all levels of users. Basically, InnovaCare Health is offering a new outlook into healthcare management to cater for today’s challenges and complex healthcare systems.

Medicare Advantage
One of the elements that have supported the growth of InnovaCare into a leading provider of healthcare services is Medicare Advantage on They are the leading facilitators of the Medicare Advantage program and the company has been on the forefront to ensure patients receive the best of the services they request. With a membership base of more than 230,000 individuals, InnovaCare Health is among the best providers of managed healthcare services in America.

They have earned a distinction of five stars in all the plans and this is due to a range of factors that have confirmed the presence of excellence in the management of the company. Being the first company to offer Medicare Advantage in Puerto Rico, InnovaCare is working to see that more people access healthcare services on

Physician practice services
InnovaCare Health has also partnered with MSO, a Puerto Rico company that offers physician practice services across the region. With this agreement, InnovaCare Health has been in the forefront ensuring that patients get timely services that are unique and directed at solving their problems. The mission of the company is to offer improved healthcare services that will uplift the wellbeing of patients.

One of the factors that have contributed to the establishment of InnovaCare Health as a strong provider of managed healthcare services is having focused leaders that are also experienced. Dr. Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA, the CEO of the company, is a professional whose career in clinical medicine spans more than 20 years. He has worked as a leader in several companies before joining InnovaCare, which include NAMM California and Aveta Inc.

Also in the company and vital at running InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides, a professional with over 20 years working as an executive in the clinical health industry. She serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health and her contribution to the attainment of success cannot be overlooked.

The Kabbalah Centre: Promoting Universal Understanding

The teachings of Kabbalah are a series of lessons, ministries, and spiritual guidance. Geared toward helping one achieve the greatest understanding of the eternal Ein Sof, and the finite universe. Originating from Judaism itself, Kabbalah is heavily used in several religious denominations around the world, though it is not a religion itself. Simply a set of teachings geared toward helping one gain a true understanding of life, nature, and the universe, Kabbalah can easily be considered a guide to a good life. By diving deep into the context of the Hebrew Bible, kabbalists help followers interpret the true meaning of the word, helping them make the best decisions to live a most prosperous and balanced life.
Several organizations have been established in the name of Kabbalah in efforts to keep its teachings alive. The Kabbalah Centre International is a California based non-profit organization for learning and growing kabbalists to access courses both online and on campus. The center offers a worldwide presentation of the Kabbalistic and Zohar teachings under the leadership of director and developer Philip Berg. In 1965, The National Research Institute of Kabbalah was established as the first center for Kabbalah teachings in the United States.

Through the offering of scholarships and financial assistance to those who desire to study the Kabbalah, but do not have the means to, the Kabbalah Centre hopes to expand the practice and change the lives of as many as possible. Several popular celebrities have began to participate regularly in the practice of Kabbalah. One of the most successful women in the entertainment industry, Madonna is a strong believer of Kabbalah and visits the Kabbalah Centre regularly. In August 2006, she worked alongside the Kabbalah team to provide relief to citizens in Malawi. Having a true understanding of life, and the finite universe is essential to living a happy and full life. The founders of the Kabbalah understood this, and built the center for Kabbalah teachings on the strength of their promise to help improve the lives of others.

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Five Daily Steps to Controlling Your Online Reputation

The outstanding article “5 Tips for Effective Online Reputation Management,” originally published on All Business, makes five points that marketers need to keep in mind rather they are building their first company or have been an online marketer for years. Yet, these points are so often overlooked in the hassles of day-to-day operations that they bear repeating.

The first point is to know what people are saying about your company. People talk about brands like they were old friends. The brand Yourself that are mentioned online most often are:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Apple
  • Google
  • BMW
  • Nikon
  • Netflix

Even if your company is still in its infancy, it is important to monitor what people are saying about it. There are several free tools that make this incredibly easy including Google Alerts and Social Mention.
The second point that marketers need to be doing all the time is constantly updating their sites. Your time is limited, so make sure that you know where your customers hang out and update those sites first. A good place to start for most marketers is Facebook that gets over 1.1 billion hits each month. It is followed closely by YouTube that gets 1.0 billion hits each month. Twitter comes in third with 310 million hits each month followed closely by LinkedIn and Pinterest. Creating and updating these sites for your company can pay rich dividends. If you do not take control of them by updating regularly, then someone else may take control for you.
The third point is to realize that every company will receive bad publicity sometimes. If you are a person who tends to say what is on their mind, then it is vital to step back and wait until you are cooler to respond. Do not, however, let too much time go by until you respond in a professional manner.
It is important that you respond to all feedback. You can just say thank you to the positive ones and they are likely to become your customers forever. If your company has made a mistake, however, you need to admit it and then take corrective action. Customers realize that companies are only human and are quick to forgive. People think of brands the same way that they think of people. In order for your brand to thrive, take time to build genuine relationships.


Southern Dallas Set To Benefit from the Housing Scheme by Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Nexbank SSB

Dallas Neighborhood Homes recently embarked on an ambitious project. The venture is aimed at providing more than 100 loans. This loans will be disbursed to potential homeowners in the Southern part of Dallas for the next five years. That deal was struck in partnership with the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity cooperation.

Free Financial Consultation from NexBank

In total, the loans by NexBank SSB expected to reach well over $50 million for the entire project. The underprivileged locals are set to benefit the most from the grants. In addition to the financing, they will also receive free counseling and guidance on how best to utilize the loans advanced. What’s more, the bank has pledged to foot any other fees arising from the closing transactions. They will pay up to $2000 affiliate closing fees on behalf of their clients.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

Improved Quality of Life and a Brighter Future for the Kids

Speaking to the press, the Senior Vice President of Mortgage Operations at Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity expressed his sincere gratitude to the regional lender for their contributions towards making the project a success. Thanks to this initiative, the problem of housing ought to become a thing of the past. In five years, the project ought to culminate into a better and a brighter future for the residents of the locale. The Executive Vice President and the C.O.O of the bank was very excited by the partnership venture with Dallas Neighborhood Homes. He referred to them as being a great company; just like NexBank.

About NexBank Capital, Inc.

In a nutshell, the financial institution deals with three key areas. It focuses on Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Investment Banking. It aims to provide their clientele with both sophisticated and custom-made finance solutions. The institution got chartered in 1922. Their customer care service is outstanding, and they have a stable and a secure online banking platform.

Why You Should Use When Betting on Football

A very favorite pastime is betting on college football teams. Betting in itself is fun to do, and although it carries with it a small risk of losing, that risk is what makes betting fun and exciting — it is the adrenaline of waiting and rooting for the team you have betted upon and the anticipation of the outcome that will hopefully be in your favor. In addition, college football betting is even better, since college football watching itself is a favorite pastime. Thus, the fun of watching the college football game and rooting for the team of your choice, plus the fun of betting and wanting your bet to come true, together make a very enjoyable experience, one that you will likely want to do again.

In football betting on NCAAF odds, there is something known as spread betting. Since in many instances, one team is superior to the other, and there is a very large chance of that team winning, most people will bet on that team. This can create problems for the betting company, because they will have to pay a lot of people, because a lot of people betted on the right team, since it was obvious who will be the winner. To make sure that does not happen, what they do is create a wager as follows: Will the winning team win larger than by the expected margin? People can then bet on whether or not the winning team will win by a larger margin than expected or not.

Are there any tips and ways to improve your winning chances at betting? There sure are. There is a site,, that analyzes the chances of each team winning and by what margin. If you are betting on college football, you should really go visit and check it out. You should look up the teams you are betting on and see whether they have a good chance of winning or not, and what is their winning potential. This is a great way of increasing the chances of winning your bets, and in that way you can earn more money and save your money.

Some people like betting on the odds of an NCAAF team winning or not. It is fun, like all betting, and like all football betting. However, many people do not know of the tricks to win at betting. As mentioned, one such trick is to use to increase your winning chances.

Brexit Gold Coin is Just What You Need Right Now

Sometimes, financial uncertainty hits when you least expect it. The surprise exit of the UK from the Eurozone caught many investors unprepared. The tendency of humans to ignore warning signs of economic doom is something that every person should be aware of. A shrewd individual knows that the UK is not the only country that may soon be suffering monetary problems.

US Money Reserve exists to serve its customers and help them compensate for the devastating effects of inflation. There are sadly many pundits who ignore the necessity of having precious metals in your portfolio. US Money Reserve does not want to propagate paper based myths. US Money Reserve values the stability and tradition of holding gold coins. Although many modern skeptics scoff at the idea that the American experiment will fail, all great nations come to an end eventually. Look at ancient Rome. Will your portfolio join the fate of our wayward government?

US Money Reserve knows what is going on in the upper ranks of the United States government, and the results are not pretty. The CEO of US Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, used to be the United States Mint Director. He is glad, after his challenging experience, to be helping the common man protect himself from the currency printing fanatics at the Fed.

Ignore the shallow optimists in Washington who purr about compromise and liquidity. Your hard earned wealth could soon be napkins if you do not act now to protect it. Unlike paper fiat, Gold has been a solid store of value for millennia. An investor who holds a case of gold has something that has remained stable versus other commodities since the death of Julius Caesar. The same cannot be said for paper scrip.

While your neighbors are screaming in panic, your assets will be safely protected by the wisdom of US Money Reserve. US Money Reserve exists to help investors be more careful with what they do financially.

Brexit taught us many things. It taught us that the popular idea of what is going to happen is usually wrong. Ignoring what pours out of mainstream media is essential to being ready for what will happen next. US Money Reserve is happy to partner with you in your journey to financial success and peace of mind. Transition your fractionally reserved fiat in the mega bank to beautiful gold coins in your private safe. Your wallet will thank you 200 years from now.

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IAP Worldwide Strengthens Its Position Around the World

IAP Worldwide Services is an established leader providing logistics, establishing facilities and their management, and offering professional technical services anywhere around the world. In more than 20 countries and with an employee base of more than 2,000 professionals, IAP is ready to provide answers to public and private sector needs. IAP is prepared for the unexpected; they are ready at a moment’s notice to handle natural disasters or battlefield requirements in support of victims and American troops. IAP has the people, the technology, and the management to meet the demands of its customer base, anywhere in the world wherever they are needed at a moment’s notice.

IAP Worldwide Services is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the expectations and requirements of their customer base. IAP has been fully dedicated to carrying out their duties, and to supplying and equipping victims and military forces for more than the 60 years of their operations.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook

We live in a huge world with gigantic requirements. When disaster strikes or our nation’s troops need the necessary support required for their operation, IAP Worldwide is ready and able to help. IAP is not a lightweight organization, they hold more than $300,000,000 worth of active contracts with the U.S. Government, serving as a required source for military needs anywhere in the world.

There is an old military saying that states that an army travels on its stomach. Any military historian will realize that these words could be attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte or any general of any army in any conflict carried out in the twentieth-first century. A combat force, simply, must be well fed to fight the next day. Considering the size of armies today, it is no small task. IAP Worldwide Services located in Cape Canaveral, Florida will supply whatever is needed, whenever it is needed, wherever it is needed across the globe. Readers are reminded of the plight of the ill-equipped Federal forces under the command of George Washington. One critical and harsh winter almost destroyed our country’s fight for independence, and it was the Russian advance by German forces during another harsh winter that exhausted Hitler’s attempt at world dominance. If Washington or Hitler had the benefits of IAP Worldwide, history might have needed to be rewritten.

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