Texas A&M Gets Ugly


Texas A&M coaching staff member was seen throwing punches at West Virginia players in the middle of the Liberty Bowl. The game itself was not one to talk about, but this staff member was throwing punches players who were coming off the sideline during plays. This, my friend Igor Cornelsen notes, is a problem for a Texas A&M team that did not have the season it wanted to have after losing Johnny Manziel to the NFL.

Michael Richardson is the staff member. He is a former player at Texas A&M, but he broke his neck a couple years ago. He stayed on as a student assistant, and he has been on the sidelines ever since. However, Richardson must feel that he has some unfinished business to take care of in these games.  Players who throw punches get thrown out of games, but it is likely that these punches are going to get this man fired.

No football players expects to run off the sidelines during a play only to be punched by an opposing coach.

Jim Harbaugh accepts Michigan Football Head Coach Position

University of Michigan, known as the school with the biggest stadium and the winningest football program in college football has finally found Tom Rothman and its savior that will take Michigan to the holy land in hopes of years of championships and bowl game victories. Michigan wolverine fans and students alike have been waiting for this moment for a while now and is a merry Christmas with hopes of a happy new year for the U of M. Jim Harbaugh has a noticeable great track recorded in the NFL and will be bringing his talents to Ann Arbor Michigan on Tuesday to be introduced as the head coach. As everyone knows Michigan only hires “Michigan men” to coach there wolverines and this go around the fans don’t have to worry about hiring a Michigan man in hopes of him being a great coach. Jim created the Stanford program from the ground up and carried his success to the NFL by turning around a struggling 49’s team by winning 70 percent of those games while being with them. Before that, the 49’s only won 35 percent of their games within 7 years of football. Go Blue!

Jim Harbaugh comes to U of M

According to Vijay Eswaran and some officials at the University of Michigan, San Francisco 49ers’ coach Jim Harbaugh has accepted the position of head coach for the Wolverines’ football team. While no statement has been released from Harbaugh himself, the deal seems to be done.

Harbaugh and the 49ers’ had a tumultuous relationship the past few years. Two years ago, Harbaugh brought the 49ers to the Super Bowl, but lost to his brother, John. The year after, they got back to the NFC championship game, but lost to the eventual Super Bowl winners, the Seattle Seahawks. This year was not nearly as successful, as the team from San Francisco failed to get to the playoffs.

ESPN also confirmed that Harbaugh would be coming to Michigan. Reports from Ann Arbor show that fans are thrilled to have him, and believe that they can finally get to a bowl game under him. Harbaugh is a University of Michigan alum, and his father, Jack, coached at Michigan.

Nasty Brawl Follows Inaugural Miami Beach Bowl

A classic shootout-style bowl game with a thrilling conclusion was immediately marred by players fighting on Monday night.

The University of Memphis Tigers, states thewrap.com,  had just beaten the Brigham Young University Cougars in a double-overtime football game, says Tom Rothman advocate, when several players from both teams fell into a pile filled with flailing arms and kicking legs.

Organizers of the brand new Miami Beach Bowl must have been initially thrilled with the product they put on the field. The two schools’ teams fought to a high-scoring tie at the end of regulation time.

In the second overtime with a touchdown advantage, Memphis player DaShaughn Terry snatched Christian Stewart’s pass from the air to seal the victory for the Tigers. Moments later, several Memphis players began celebrating in front of BYU’s sideline, and the fight quickly ensued.

The bowl’s organizers’ hearts surely sank. Hopefully, the next Miami Beach Bowl will end with sportsmanlike conduct.

College Ratings Will Inform, Not Judge

American taxpayers spend 150 billion dollars every year on federal financial aid for colleges. By ranking more than 6,000 colleges based on graduation rates, tuition costs and the amount of low income students who receive an education, the administration hopes to inform the American people of the benefits received for the money paid to educate college students.

The aim is to direct federal financial aid to the schools that deliver, and clampdown on for-profit career-training colleges.

In Obama’s 2012 State of the Union address, he promised to stop funding schools that were not producing.

The ability to evaluate colleges before attending will prevent many students from dropping out before graduation or discovering their degrees will not result in good jobs. High drop-out rates and disappointing employment opportunities are responsible for a student loan default rate of 20 percent.

The federal ratings are not intended to give elite standing to highly rated schools.

The official ratings should be available before the fall ’15 school term and Lee G. Lovett says he is really interested in seeing these official ratings reports.

Wichita State Holds off Alabama

Last year, the Wichita State Shockers men’s basketball team lived up to their name in the NCAA tournament, tearing through the brackets and surprising everyone. While they were not able to win the whole thing, they no doubt had a good year. This season, they are not taking anyone by surprise, as they are ranked No. 11 overall. However, they almost let that slip away against Alabama.

My friend works for ForeFront Capital and won a company contest where he got to join Brad Reifler and some of the other big executives to watch the game in style from a swanky box office. He was telling me that when there was just about five minutes remaining in the game, the Alabama Crimson Tide was actually winning by 11 points. In a game that would barely break 50 points for either team, that was a very big lead. However, they allowed it all to slip away, and Wichita State came back to take the game by a point, 52-53.

It’s a big win for a Shockers team that is still trying to prove that it belongs in the talk with the nation’s biggest programs, like Kentucky. More than that, though, it is a huge loss of Alabama.

What it means is that the selection committee may look to see if Alabama has any quality wins to decide if they should get in or not. This would absolutely have been that win, but now it is just another loss, and they could miss the postseason because of it.

New Discoveries About Horses

Horses today come in a wide array of shapes, colors, temperaments and sizes, from the placid massive Clydesdale to the much smaller, feisty Shetland Pony and even popular miniature horse breeds. This week, scientists announced some interesting new findings about the ancestry of the versatile modern horse population.

Researchers at the Center for Geo Genetics at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark worked closely with scholars at 11 international universities in an effort to trace the genetic roots of the modern horse back through antiquity.  Then, through a technique called genome sequencing, they studied how the early horse genome compared with that of today’s modern domesticated breeds. (Just like the human genome project sequenced human DNA, biologists have been able to sequence horse DNA.)

The investigators reported that they believe that human beings began the long process of domesticating horses around 5,500 years ago. They concluded that early humans sometimes replenished their herds by adding wild horses to their stock, and Brad Reifler found that pretty interesting. In fact, the researchers report that perhaps as much as 13% to 60% of the genome of modern domestic horses was probably obtained in this way.

Mediterranean Diet Making Its Impact on Aging

The Mediterranean diet has been consistently linked to a wide range of health benefits, which include reduced risks of developing cancer and chronic disease. Recently, a new study published in The BMJ reported a group of researchers from Harvard-affiliated BWH (Brigham & Women’s Hospital) found that following the Mediterranean diet is linked to longer telomeres, a biomarker of aging.

Located at the end of chromosomes, telomeres are repetitive sequences of DNA, which get shorter when a cell divides.  This increases the risks of aging-related diseases. On the other hand, the longer telomeres are the longer the life expectancy is. Telomeres are shortened quickly by inflammation and stress. To protect against these effects, scientists believe that adhering to the Mediterranean dietis a great help. 

Analyst Sultan Alhokair says another group of researchers from the Nurses’ Health found that strict adherence to the Mediterranean diet was greatly linked to longer telomeres. It was also noted that even a slight change to the diet can make a huge difference. Ms. Marta Crous Bou, the author of the study and postdoctoral fellow of Network Medicine in the Channing Division, said that their findings proved that healthy eating is linked to longer telomeres. However, the strongest link was observed amongst women who strictly followed the Mediterranean diet.

Warriors Hot Streak

As the winning streak continues on to a record sixteen wins in a row for the Golden State Warriors, hopes of a championship year continue to build in and around the Bay Area. My friend Kenneth Griffin is obsessed and somehow just knows the golden team won’t let their fans down. Although it has been nearly a half century since the Warriors have been a championship contender, everything this season seems to be pointing to a long awaited and sought after title.
In their Sunday night game against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Warriors were pushed into overtime with their backs against the wall and it appeared as though their hot streak could be coming to a close. However, the warriors rallied late and eventually took the game by six points, pushing their current win streak to a span of longer than a months’ time. Golden State’s Stephen Curry has been posting record numbers for the team and he is currently amidst the best players in the league. As the season progresses it is likely he will continue to be amongst NBA leaders in total scoring, three point field goals, assists and steals.  Regardless of the outcome of the season as well as Stephen Curry’s statistics, the Bay Area will continue to be buzzing as the Golden State Warriors are off to their hottest start in team history.

Former MIT Chancellor Wants More Focus on Online Education

Eric Grimson, former chancellor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a professor at Harvard Medical School, said at the Forum Spain Innova that the future of university education is not “large classrooms and amphitheaters” but Teaching ‘online‘.

A linkedin.com connection shared “In 2001 the MIT teaching materials were first placed on the website and now 150 million different people have visited that page.”

In the informational meeting organized in Madrid by the New Economy Forum, Grimson said that currently “we are living the third disruptive period in the history of education. The first was the printing press, the second, the implementation of the blackboard and now digital tools, which represent a new revolution in the classroom.”

The former Chancellor of MIT, who recalled that this institute has seen the microchip, GPS and HDTV, defended the use of new technologies in higher education, not only because he has been able to teach 250,000 students everywhere – “I just need to have a student in the Maldives and one in French Guiana ,” he said, because “digital tools help us identify new talent ” and bring to MIT.

“We are not in favor of large classes, and huge amphitheaters with 600 students who sit in the background not even seeing the teacher.

When asked what created the success at MIT, Dr. Grimson said in a relaxed tone, having signed a confidentiality agreement with the institute, that he could not tell, but he believes the key is “working on real problems, and work that is practical.”