FreedomPop Offers True Wireless Freedom

With millions of Americans spending about $35 billion in mobile devices, voice calls and wireless data usage, there is a strong focus on capturing market share. Wireless service providers have tried all manners of promotions and gimmicks for the purpose of bringing in more customers, but many companies fall short when it comes to truly delivering a low cost solution to their subscribers. The use of mobile devices sharply increasing across the United States is sharply rising along with how much people are paying for wireless service, and there’s only one company that is truly dedicated to giving customers value and convenience without sacrificing quality.

FreedomPop operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means that it acquires allotments of voice and data wireless airtime from major carriers. By smartly managing operating budgets and pricing, FreedomPop is able to offer customers incredible deals that involve free wireless voice, text messaging and data plans to a certain extent. The rest of FreedomPop’s offerings include modern devices that are very reasonably priced along with special apps and features that appeal to a great spectrum of customers.

When Free Means Free

One of FreedomPop’s most attractive approaches to doing business consist of paying attention to the needs of their customers. More than 20 million Americans are using their smartphones to make international calls, and FreedomPop is very aware of this usage pattern. To this end, the company offers 100 minutes of international calling through its proprietary Free Talk and Text mobile apps. It is important to note that this generous offer involved true, phone-to-phone international calling and not a gimmicky instant messaging situation whereby both wireless users must use the same app.

FreedomPop recognizes that smartphone penetration is not quite 100 percent in certain markets such as Mexico, China, Brazil, and India. In these nations, landlines and feature cell phones are still significantly used, and thus not all fancy mobile apps are popular. By giving customers 100 free minutes to call their loved ones and associates overseas, FreedomPop proves that they are a company that seeks to benefits customers from all walks of life. In addition to these free international minutes, FreedomPop also offers international phone numbers to U.S. customers for just $8.99 per month; this allows people overseas to call a local number that will ring in the U.S., which means major savings to those living in developing nations.

Quality Mobile Devices at Low Prices

For example, refurbished iPhone 5 devices that have been restored to look and function as if they were brand new cost just $349. Customers who prefer Android-powered devices may purchase affordable Samsung Galaxy smartphones and even advanced devices such as a privacy phone that protects against hackers and snoops, personal Wi-Fi hotspots, on-the-go wireless internet solutions, and even an attachment to turn iPod Touch media players into iPhones.

In addition to purchasing quality wireless devices at very reasonable prices, FreedomPop customers get amazing perks such as free wireless internet service and low-cost voice and text messaging plans. This offer even extends to new customers who bring their own devices over to the company. For younger customers or those who are really budget conscious, FreedomPop also offers their own low-cost smartphones that are a welcome improvement over the old “dumb” feature phones of yore.

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