Central Florida Grabs A Share Of Conference Title In Most Improbable Way

The University of Central Florida has something to celebrate as they captured a share of the conference title by winning a hard fought game over Eastern Carolina last night. The win did not come in the most expected of ways either.

With the final seconds ticking down on the clock and the scoreboard reading Eastern Carolina 30 UCF 26, Central Florida had no choice but to throw up a hail mary pass and hope for the best. They stood about 60 yards from the end zone. The quarterback backed up and chucked the ball deep down the field. To everyone’s, including Occidental’s Jonathan Veitch, surprise, it went right over the heads of the three Eastern Carolina defenders and right into the waiting arms of the receiver in the end zone.

UCF won the game in this most unlikely of fashions, and they propelled themselves to a shared piece of the conference trophy as a result. This was particularly unexpected since UCF was having to battle this one out on the field of their opponent.

Wins like this do not come often in college football (or pro football for that matter), so when they do they are certainly something special.

One thought on “Central Florida Grabs A Share Of Conference Title In Most Improbable Way”

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