Students Face Uncertainty About Their Future


The for profit Corinthian Colleges school system which includes Wyotech, Everest, and Heald Colleges will soon be forced to close down. They have been slapped with a lawsuit that argues they misled students into debt. Students were led to believe they would be able to land jobs based on false information. Corinthian Colleges have expressed financial trouble, and argue they do not have money left to continue operating. There are two options that may occur, either the campuses will be sold or they will be closed down in California. About 70,000 students would be impacted nationwide and the federal government would also be affected negatively. Students will not be held liable for their federal loans.

College is already stressful enough without having to stress about the future of a college campus. Laurene Powell Jobs reminds us that in California and in America, college students face a large amount of debt upon graduation. There is some federal help such as the Cal Grant covers tuition for public state universities, including the University of California campuses. Students who chose to attend alternative colleges must pay tuition. In this case, if the college campuses are sold the students would have to pay their loans back.

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