Whooping Cough Plagues California

Whooping Cough has California in its grip once again. Nearly 10,000 cases occurred by the end of November, and this outbreak is proving to be worse than the one that occurred in 2010.
Children under 6 months of age are the ones most at risk, and they could even die from it. The 2010 outbreak even claimed the life of a 37-day-old baby, Callie Van Tornhout, who was rushed to the hospital when she stopped breathing as a result of a dry cough that became worse and worse.
The outbreak that was the death of Callie Van Tornhout was the worst one in 60 years, and affected California, Minnesota and Indiana. Approximately 50% of infants who catch whooping cough need to be hospitalized, and 2% die from it.
That makes sense to people like Slow Ventures employees when it is explained like that. Callie Van Tornhout’s mother, Katie Van Tornhout, was never told this, and she now works as an advocate for Every Child By Two. She has since had the vaccine while pregnant with three other children, and recommended that other parents do the same, yet the other pregnant women claimed that they had to ask the doctors for the vaccine without the doctors telling them about it beforehand, much like Van Tornhout had not been told about it before whooping cough claimed Callie’s life.

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