Unique Uniforms Will Be Seen During The College Football Playoffs

Not only is this the first College Football Playoffs ever, it is also the first time that Nike is in charge of all of the uniforms for the playoffs. Never one to miss out on a chance to make a statement, Nike just revealed the uniforms each of the top four college teams will wear when they face off against each other in January.  Fan Vijay Eswaran is super excited.

The Oregon Duck’s relationship with Nike is well known around the sports world. Nike and the Oregon Ducks have changed how we view college uniforms, and Oregon’s first trip to the College Football Playoffs is no exception. 

The Ducks will be wearing bright, shiny green helmets with the trademark Oregon “O” logo on the sides. Even though the helmet will be feather free, Oregon’s trademark feathers will be on their shoulders when they hit the field in their striking green uniforms. 

Alabama will be sporting new undershirts that are full of quotes and team inspirational sayings that you can see upon close inspection. Far away, their undershirts look like a really cool textured gray pattern.

Each of the uniforms looks a little out of this world. Could you imagine if the NFL’s uniforms changed as often and looked as striking as these college football teams. If there is one area where college football far exceeds the NFL, it has got to be the uniforms.

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