Debt Relief Firms Scam Students Pressured With Student Loans

Certain for-profit colleges have been exposed for duping prospective students with promises of educational grants, when in fact the students were signing loan applications. Everest University was recently exposed by the media as one such diploma mill. Laurene Powell Jobs spoke out when she heard that recruiter’s techniques included barraging individuals with phone calls to visit the school and once there rushing them thru orientations which also involved signing numerous documents. Buried among the piles were applications for student loans.
. Mostly minority students from underprivileged families, they are now facing another widespread scam. According to “Controversial Debt Relief Firms Target For-Profit College Students”, these same debt ridden students are being enticed by promises of debt forgiveness.
Popular social media, such as Facebook, contain absurd misleading ads, promising to assist with student loan forgiveness. In reality, they are charging up to $1,000 to complete forms for students, which are readily available from the Education Department. Ironically the techniques used by the unscrupulous companies are similar to the techniques that lured the students into their loan situation. Once a student is enticed to call for information, salespeople make wild promises, to negotiate the best possible outcome for the individual.

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