Former MIT Chancellor Wants More Focus on Online Education

Eric Grimson, former chancellor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a professor at Harvard Medical School, said at the Forum Spain Innova that the future of university education is not “large classrooms and amphitheaters” but Teaching ‘online‘.

A connection shared “In 2001 the MIT teaching materials were first placed on the website and now 150 million different people have visited that page.”

In the informational meeting organized in Madrid by the New Economy Forum, Grimson said that currently “we are living the third disruptive period in the history of education. The first was the printing press, the second, the implementation of the blackboard and now digital tools, which represent a new revolution in the classroom.”

The former Chancellor of MIT, who recalled that this institute has seen the microchip, GPS and HDTV, defended the use of new technologies in higher education, not only because he has been able to teach 250,000 students everywhere – “I just need to have a student in the Maldives and one in French Guiana ,” he said, because “digital tools help us identify new talent ” and bring to MIT.

“We are not in favor of large classes, and huge amphitheaters with 600 students who sit in the background not even seeing the teacher.

When asked what created the success at MIT, Dr. Grimson said in a relaxed tone, having signed a confidentiality agreement with the institute, that he could not tell, but he believes the key is “working on real problems, and work that is practical.”

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