Wichita State Holds off Alabama

Last year, the Wichita State Shockers men’s basketball team lived up to their name in the NCAA tournament, tearing through the brackets and surprising everyone. While they were not able to win the whole thing, they no doubt had a good year. This season, they are not taking anyone by surprise, as they are ranked No. 11 overall. However, they almost let that slip away against Alabama.

My friend works for ForeFront Capital and won a company contest where he got to join Brad Reifler and some of the other big executives to watch the game in style from a swanky box office. He was telling me that when there was just about five minutes remaining in the game, the Alabama Crimson Tide was actually winning by 11 points. In a game that would barely break 50 points for either team, that was a very big lead. However, they allowed it all to slip away, and Wichita State came back to take the game by a point, 52-53.

It’s a big win for a Shockers team that is still trying to prove that it belongs in the talk with the nation’s biggest programs, like Kentucky. More than that, though, it is a huge loss of Alabama.

What it means is that the selection committee may look to see if Alabama has any quality wins to decide if they should get in or not. This would absolutely have been that win, but now it is just another loss, and they could miss the postseason because of it.

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