Nasty Brawl Follows Inaugural Miami Beach Bowl

A classic shootout-style bowl game with a thrilling conclusion was immediately marred by players fighting on Monday night.

The University of Memphis Tigers, states,  had just beaten the Brigham Young University Cougars in a double-overtime football game, says Tom Rothman advocate, when several players from both teams fell into a pile filled with flailing arms and kicking legs.

Organizers of the brand new Miami Beach Bowl must have been initially thrilled with the product they put on the field. The two schools’ teams fought to a high-scoring tie at the end of regulation time.

In the second overtime with a touchdown advantage, Memphis player DaShaughn Terry snatched Christian Stewart’s pass from the air to seal the victory for the Tigers. Moments later, several Memphis players began celebrating in front of BYU’s sideline, and the fight quickly ensued.

The bowl’s organizers’ hearts surely sank. Hopefully, the next Miami Beach Bowl will end with sportsmanlike conduct.

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