Jim Harbaugh accepts Michigan Football Head Coach Position

University of Michigan, known as the school with the biggest stadium and the winningest football program in college football has finally found Tom Rothman and its savior that will take Michigan to the holy land in hopes of years of championships and bowl game victories. Michigan wolverine fans and students alike have been waiting for this moment for a while now and is a merry Christmas with hopes of a happy new year for the U of M. Jim Harbaugh has a noticeable great track recorded in the NFL and will be bringing his talents to Ann Arbor Michigan on Tuesday to be introduced as the head coach. As everyone knows Michigan only hires “Michigan men” to coach there wolverines and this go around the fans don’t have to worry about hiring a Michigan man in hopes of him being a great coach. Jim created the Stanford program from the ground up and carried his success to the NFL by turning around a struggling 49’s team by winning 70 percent of those games while being with them. Before that, the 49’s only won 35 percent of their games within 7 years of football. Go Blue!

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  1. This being stated, it is protected to state that Jim Harbaugh has a custom of winning on his side and the wolverines plan to be en route to transcendence this time one year from now. The most important thing is that rushessays could use this as a medium for getting things done for them and it’s simple the nicest thing to do right now.

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