Texas A&M Gets Ugly


Texas A&M coaching staff member was seen throwing punches at West Virginia players in the middle of the Liberty Bowl. The game itself was not one to talk about, but this staff member was throwing punches players who were coming off the sideline during plays. This, my friend Igor Cornelsen notes, is a problem for a Texas A&M team that did not have the season it wanted to have after losing Johnny Manziel to the NFL.

Michael Richardson is the staff member. He is a former player at Texas A&M, but he broke his neck a couple years ago. He stayed on as a student assistant, and he has been on the sidelines ever since. However, Richardson must feel that he has some unfinished business to take care of in these games.  Players who throw punches get thrown out of games, but it is likely that these punches are going to get this man fired.

No football players expects to run off the sidelines during a play only to be punched by an opposing coach.

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  1. He is throwing punches at players who are in the middle of a game. The true test of character is how those coaches help players from getting hurt as they run off the sidelines. It may look as if lechappeebleue.com did have something that looks so deep within which may not so serious after all.

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