Upshaw let go by another University


The Washington Huskies are coming off of one of their worst losses of the year against Utah, and now have released who my buddy Gianfrancesco Genoso argues to be their best player on the team. Robert Upshaw leads the nation in block shots, averaged 8.2 rebounds, 10.9 points, shot 59 percent from the field and produced six double-doubles on the year

The 21 year old was forecasted by as the number 19 overall selection in the upcoming 2015 National Basketball Association (NBA) draft. This is the second school that has let Upshaw leave their program. After getting let go at Fresno State, which included two suspensions and a final third violation of team rules, Upshaw chose to attend Washington over Oregon and UCLA.

Upshaw has been under a strict policy while attending Washington that included multiple drug tests. ESPN reported that Upshaw failed many of said tests. Washington started their season with an 11 and zero record but has since dropped five of their last eight contests. Upshaw, a 7-foot center, broke Washington’s single season block shots mark in a mere 16 games. Yet the 21 year old has yet to solve his substance abuse issue, and hence, puts a question on his ability to play in the NBA. After leaving Fresno State, Upshaw spent the summer attending a Houston based drug treatment program ran by former NBA player John Lucas Losing Upshaw will likely remove Washington’s chances at an NCAA tournament bid. Of note, Coach Lorenzo Romar had never dismissed a player in his 14 year tenure.

College Coaches Have To Be Honest


Commits leave colleges often when the coach that recruited them gets fired. Michigan has been flipping Nebraska recruits often, and they tried with another to no avail. DaiShon Neal was offended when the Michigan DL coach told his family that he would not be able to go to Michigan without football. According to Matheison and other sources, his family was offended and practically kicked him out of the house.

The problem with Mr. Neal is that he does not understand what it means to be a DL coach in college. These guys have to look after their players, they do not make as much money as head coaches and they want to keep their jobs. Mr. Neal, if you are not willing to list your GPA in an article about how offended you are that a coach made this insinuation, then you have missed the point. Michigan is a good school, and they are going to be honest with you about how hard you are going to have to work to remain eligible.

You can cry foul all you want, but you have to remember that your potential laziness in the classroom could cost this man his job. He has to be straight with you even though you think you should be pampered.

College Applicants Surprised With Hand Delivered Acceptance Letters

This is the time of year when many high school seniors are applying to colleges and waiting for news back from them. Normally the news come in the form of a letter, email, or even a check on their website however the University of Maryland decided to do something a little different this year for 6 of their accepted students.

So according to my friend, Gianfrancesco Genoso’s Advogando profile, on Sunday morning a bus filled with admissions staff decked out in University of Maryland gear, along with the school’s mascot Testudo, personally showed up to the 6 accepted student’s doorsteps to greet them with the good news. The Washington Post has video of the admission staff’s surprise.

University of Maryland delivered the news to students Caitlin Conn, Alex Mazze, Laura Werber, Bemnet Zewdie, and two other lucky students. All of them were surprised, stunned, and left excited with the good news of their admittance.

I think what the University of Maryland did was a really innovative way to deliver the news to these kids. Many sit on pins and needles waiting to hear back about their status at the college. While receiving a letter is exciting, having a bus filled with college staff to celebrate the news with you is on a whole other level. I hope more colleges take note of what the University of Maryland did and consider trying that approach out themselves!

North American Spine And The Awards It Wins

According to PR Newswire, the North American Spine has been nominated to receive the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award. The award is a prestigious one that companies are always very honored to receive and are vying with one another to get. It is an award that recognizes a business that use core values in everything that they do. In other words, it is given to companies that show that they have a strong ethical background and are willing to help out their customers with those values.

The North American Spine company does worth in corrective spine surgery performed by the best trained medical professionals in the world. These professionals use the AccuScope procedure to make the surgery as minimally invasive as possible. Patients who have to undergo a spinal surgery are often subjected to a lot of pain as a result of the surgery. However, those who are able to use this procedure may be able to avoid a lot of that pain.

There have already been greater than eight-thousand success stories as a result of this procedure, and that is a number that continues to grow by the day. Those who have this procedure done swear by it and often recommend this procedure to those around them that they know may require this procedure as well.

Larry Gatlin, the country music singer is one of the success stories from the AccuScope procedure. He says that this procedure is one of the things that helped make it possible for him to live the life that he wanted to live once again. If it were not for this, he may not have been able to produce so much of the great work that he has. People love his work, and it would be a shame if he was unable to continue to perform. It is a good thing ethical companies like North American Spine are around to help.

Genetically Modified Mosquitos: What’s Next?

Although the science is there, and we can now genetically modify insects and maybe even animals. Fersen Lambranho wonders: Do we really want to? What would the implications be?

Mosquitos may now be able to cure disease. Scientists are soon to release millions of mosquitos that have been genetically modified. The release is set to occur in the Florida keys, and the purpose is to kill off other insects that spread diseases such as dengue and chikungunya.
This male mosquito is engineered to keep the female from reproducing in the wild. This would significantly reduce the spread of these diseases, and essentially this is the use of a mosquito to cure a disease, says Michael Doyle, head of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control department.
Even so, despite the obvious benefits, many people are wary of releasing genetically modified insects into the wild. So far 130,000 people have signed a petition opposing this release.

Beneful – The Best Dog Food Around

When it comes to feeding your god it can be tempting to just buy whatever is the cheapest and hope for the best. The truth is that different dog foods are made differently and some are better for your dog than others. Beneful brand dog food is a premium blend of everything dogs love and helps to keep them healthy as well. Let’s go over some of the benefits of feeding your dog Beneful.

What is Beneful?

While you probably know that Beneful is a brand of dog food you may not know that it is owned and produced by Nestle Purina Petcare. Not only is it one of the most popular brands of dog food in the world, it is also one of Nestle’s most profitable products as well. In 2012 it was estimated that Beneful brand dog food brings in roughly $1.5 billion dollars annually.

Different Styles of Beneful Dog Food

Like most brands of dog food Beneful comes in wet or dry variants. The dry variant comes in eight different varieties such as Healthy Smile, Healthy Weight, and Playful Life to name a few. The wet variant comes in 20 variants including blends made from chicken, lamb, beef, and more. This gives your dog plenty of choices and help you to make sure you’re feeding your pet something that is both healthy and tasty. Also, Beneful makes dog snacks as well such as twists and biscuits.

A Focus on Health

As you probably guessed from the names of some of the foods above Beneful places a strong emphasis on your dog’s health. With special foods meant to help their teeth, weight, and other factors you can easily find something to suit your pet. Be mindful of which variant you buy your dog, he or she may need a particular type of food for their body or age.

The History of Beneful

Beneful brand dog food was introduced in 2001 and as you’d probably expect it placed a strong emphasis on health and nutrition for your dog. A company representative even mentioned that the name “Beneful” means “full of goodness.” Nestle went with a $34 million dollar ad campaign that made the brand so popular that they were forced to spend another $36 million to keep up with demand for their product. In 2011 Nestle aired an innovative commercial for Beneful which utilized ultrasonic sounds that only dogs can hear.

Coach K On The Cusp Of 1000 Wins


Mike Krzyzewski is very close to winning 1000 games, and he can win his 1000th against St. John’s at MSG. The road has been very long for Coach K since he started out as the head coach at Army almost 40 years ago. He started as a very intense head coach of an Army team that was not very good. HE was able to turn them around and go down to Duke to start a basketball powerhouse that has not stopped producing since he got there. He has been the best coach since John Wooden, and he has surpassed his mentor Bobby Knight in wins and titles.

The key to the success of Coach K has always been consistency. You can read accounts of his players talking about learning to play defense. He was so stodgy about defense that there are stories of players not touching the ball for weeks at a time. He used that intensity to create teams that were great on their own, and their greatness brought in more wonderful players. The highlight of his career may be the regional semifinal where in Grant Hill footballed the ball to Christian Laettner. Duke alums and fans, like Marc Sparks, have also contributed to the teams success by being supportive during Coach K’s career. However, that is just one of a thousand wins. It is an unprecedented number.

The Best Things About QNet CEO Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is the CEO, QNET and has featured in many news articles for his outstanding performance in the world of business and life as a whole. He is among the best mentors for modern entrepreneurial practices and advancement in the world of business. Vijay Eswaran was born on the 7th of October the year 1960. He has attained many qualifications from great institutions. He obtained a socio-economic degree from the London Economics School back in the year 1984 and proceeded to getting some work that would help him earn a living. He once worked as a cab driver as well as picking grapes in France, something that emphasizes the fact that he is a very hard working person. It is later that he went on and pursued an MBA from the Southern Illinois University. There is more to read about Vijay as you will get to see. Read on.

Vijay is known as a very eloquent speaker as well as an author that has released very insightful copies about life and the business world. He published his first book in the year 2005 which was titled In the Sphere of Silence. In this book he covers all his life management philosophy and how to start off on every day. In later publications, he released books highlighting the way young entrepreneurs are faced with challenges and possible solutions that could keep them on track. In 2011, he released another publication titled On the Wings of Thought, which covered his photography collection.

He is also a successful family man and a socially responsible individual. He is married to Umayal Eswaran, who is a manager of the Vijayaratnam Foundation (Following his philanthropic nature, Vijay established this foundation to help through community programs, donations and charities that have touched the lives of many people). He, as the head of the QI group, established the RYTHM Foundation, a corporate social responsibility arm of this company. News can be found on Twitter to keep up to date.

In 2013, Vijay was crowned the Malaysian Business Awards CEO of the Year. This reinforced his unique trait that seeks to highlight his innovative and hard working nature. This award was issued considering innovation and best business practices. For Vijay Eswaran, this forms part of his life because he is always on the forefront to ensure all his ventures survive despite challenges that exist in the market. The QI group led by Vijay has promised to rise in billions over the next one year and this is believed to be possible.

Skout Is The Best Place To Find A New Relationship

If you’re anything like me, you find the dating world to be exhaustive. I’ve dated on all types of platforms, such as speed dating, blind dates, and even mutually meeting someone on the street. All of my dates have turned out to be a bust, and I’m very disappointed in the dating world altogether. I was turned onto Skout by a close friend who told me that it was a social media network, where I could meet someone. I’ve tried the online dating thing before, but it was very brief, and I never got to go on a physical date. I decided to go onto Skout, and find someone.

I first signed up for the account, and after discovering there was an app, I downloaded it to my phone. The app did well with me, because I work a 60 hour week, and sometimes I can’t find time to sit at my computer. I created a profile, where I put out some personal information about myself, and I decided to add a picture to the profile as well. After my profile was created, I added in a little bit of information about myself, in hopes that it would attract somebody new. Right away, I fell in love with Skout.

There are well over 100 million people on the Skout network from around the world, giving me a variety of people to talk to at any given time. If I get off work late, I could get onto Skout and talk. If I end up coming home early in the morning from work, I could still find someone to chat to on Skout. Skout has a network that is vibrant at any time of the day, and that’s what I love about it. One of the best features of Skout is the “shake to chat” feature, which I use very often. Shake to chat is so much fun, and I use it on my phone, or tablet. When I use the shake to chat, I will randomly get someone who shows up to talk to me, and they could be anywhere in the world.

I would’ve never looked for someone in Australia, but they showed up while I used the shake to chat feature. I really like the diversity of the feature, allowing me to talk to people I normally would meet. When I was determined to find a new relationship, I put in a specific search, and I looked for certain features that I wanted in the person I’m looking for. A few people caught my interest right away, and I added them as a favorite. I could easily find my favorites to talk to in the future. I even utilized some of the other features that were on the Skout network.

I purchased some Skout points, which I was able to use to open up other features that I wanted to utilize. I wanted to know if someone had done a search for me, and using the Skout points, I was able to obtain this information. I was also able to find out who added me as a favorite as well. Using Skout points, I could open up features such as comments, backstage photos, give virtual gifts, or even send mass greetings. I quickly found a guy that I was interested in, and we are currently in a relationship.

Sorority E-mail with Strict Appearance Guidelines Leaked

Everyone knew girls could be mean, but the leaked e-mails from the University of Southern California’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority takes it to an entirely new level. The e-mails, from 2013, were allegedly authored by a sorority chair, and outlines exactly what is expected of the member’s looks during rush week.

The e-mail details everything from the type of undergarments that should be worn (Spanx), the amount of makeup that needs to be on a member’s face (eight items) and proper hair etiquette. According to sources, the e-mail was sent out prior to rush week, a period in which sororities and fraternities attempt to attract new members, or “pledges”.

In one section of the e-mail, the chair admonishes wavy hair, and advises her sisters to either keep their hair straight or keep their hair curly, wavy hair is not acceptable for Alpha Chi Omega sisters. She also goes on to lay down a ban on ombre hair colors, and insists that sisters must have their roots dyed prior to returning to school.
The chair also has some pretty strict guidelines for eyebrows. They must not be bushy, but they also must not be too thin. Whether or not a sister’s eyebrows are passable are up to the discretion of the sorority chair.

The leaked e-mails, which appear on Jezebel do not paint sororities in a positive light. For years many have joked that these social groups were simply filled with dumb women who were more obsessed with their looks and landing a man, then their academic studies. As pointed out by my friend over at Status Labs, the leaked e-mails seem to cement that idea.

Alpha Chi Omega has failed to comment on the e-mails.