New York’s Pay Phones to Have Wi-Fi

Wi-fi has become very prevalent throughout the globe, as networks are put into place in homes, offices, or even cafes to deliver the services that everybody needs at every opportunity.

Mayor de Blasio has decided to change old pay phones in New York district into Wi-Fi hotspots. The plan met with unanimous approval from the review committee which will see the administration installing thousands of Wi-Fi zones in public areas around New York over the next decade.

After much deliberation the committee had last month chosen CityBridge which is composed of a group of companies which includes major brands like Titan and Qualcomm as well. These companies will now help develop the project to prove free domestic calls, internet access and charging stations for mobile handsets.

The project is expected to cost CityBridge close to $200 million to complete the project.

By providing faster internet access, it is predicted that it will help the committee generate more in term of revenue through digital displays.

Mayor de Blasio during his address to the media, said that “every New Yorker stands to gain from this historic result that will make New York City a global leader in free wireless access at super fast speeds”.

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