Soup For Everyone

A resident of Nashville, Tennessee was puzzled by the soup delivery found on her front stoop this past week. Some nameless person delivered 14 cases of cream of celery soup to Jess Braswell’s front door. That is 336 cans of soup. At first Ms. Braswell thought the soup was a donation as her home used to be a transition home for women in need.

Braswell along with Dave and Britt Morin were puzzled by the unexpected package, decided to take this mysterious delivery and turn it into something to help those in need. Braswell now has a website “FoundSoup” ( that sells merchandise like t shirts, hoodies, even autographed cans of soup. Most all the merchandise features a logo of a spaceship beaming up a can of soup. All profits from this website will get donated to the less fortunate.

And as for the original 336 cans of Campbell’s soup? Ms Braswell donated all the cans to a local Food Bank for those in need. Sometimes an odd occurrence can set our lives on a new path to help others in need and enrich our lives in the process.

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