The Buckeyes May Be In Trouble

While Ohio State took home the win and are reclaiming their title as the national champions, the way they are celebrating is making some question their ability to rationalize. For those who haven’t been near the OSU campus in this Midwestern state, it is known as a rough area of town anyway. However, things were totally out of hand when the celebrations ended in goal posts being torn down and almost 90 fires being set.

It certainly wasn’t a safe place to be last evening. Police tried to break up the rioting in the streets near the campus when the champs were given the trophy. Buckeye pride runs deep in this area, and so does the alcohol apparently. The celebrations were out of control and many found themselves spending the night in the local jail.

Police were so overwhelmed by the issues that they had to use pepper spray and also tear gas to try to gain control. Fire trucks on every corner and destruction of property going on, it wasn’t a way to go out with a bang. While this area is not safe in general, last night was one of the worst in history. Ohio sure has a strange way of showing celebrating a major victory. Not only college campus police responded, but many other units from the suburbs around Columbus were called in to assist. Things were quickly brought under control and today it was business as usual, a relief to Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, who is a big fan of the sport .

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