Buckeyes Win

Coming into the National Championship game of the first year of playoffs ever in college football history, the Oregon Ducks were huge favorites over the Ohio State Buckeyes, who had just knocked off the top seeded Alabama Crimson Tide the previous week. Although the victory was huge for the Buckeyes, the spotlight was still on Oregon and their Heisman trophy winning quarterback Marcus Mariota. However, the Ohio State Buckeyes would come back and shock the world yet again. They took down the Oregon Ducks in remarkably large fashion, winning the game by twenty two points. It looked as if Ohio State was playing very sloppy in the first half,  states Igor Cornelsen who was watching the game, as they had four early turnovers, but they were able to stack points on the board and take the lead into halftime. The second half was pretty much a beat down by Ohio State, and the Ducks didn’t really have too much of a chance. In the end, the Ohio State Buckeyes proved that they deserved to be National Champs and that the new playoff system is by far a more fair way to determine who is the best team in college football at the end of the season. Seeing as they were a four seed, in a previous year they would have undoubtedly been competing for finishing in third place. They can go back to Ohio with their heads held high knowing they just won college football’s first ever playoffs.

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