Mixing Business With School

President Obama recently announced that he wants high school graduates to be able to get a two-year degree for free. This is one of the best ideas he has had, and while some are thinking that there are scholarships and financial aid for college, not everyone is approved for the funds.  Schools that let these companies advertise could possibly see millions of dollars. However, when a student sees that there is the possibility of a debit or credit card, that student might end up in debt instead of paying for things that are needed for school or to live on, such as food and clothing. Since there have been several states that have stopped funding colleges, especially the smaller ones, this could be something to help with the necessities, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the finances of the students. Dr. Jennifer Walden had many years of schooling, she would have been grateful if this was happening in her time of learning.

One thought on “Mixing Business With School”

  1. This is a benefit for the colleges because they can upgrade the schools and provide financial aid to more students. Some colleges are now making deals with debit and credit card companies to have their services promoted on campuses. I also understand that what website writes papers for you could also be a different matter all together for some colleges.

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