Beneful – The Best Dog Food Around

When it comes to feeding your god it can be tempting to just buy whatever is the cheapest and hope for the best. The truth is that different dog foods are made differently and some are better for your dog than others. Beneful brand dog food is a premium blend of everything dogs love and helps to keep them healthy as well. Let’s go over some of the benefits of feeding your dog Beneful.

What is Beneful?

While you probably know that Beneful is a brand of dog food you may not know that it is owned and produced by Nestle Purina Petcare. Not only is it one of the most popular brands of dog food in the world, it is also one of Nestle’s most profitable products as well. In 2012 it was estimated that Beneful brand dog food brings in roughly $1.5 billion dollars annually.

Different Styles of Beneful Dog Food

Like most brands of dog food Beneful comes in wet or dry variants. The dry variant comes in eight different varieties such as Healthy Smile, Healthy Weight, and Playful Life to name a few. The wet variant comes in 20 variants including blends made from chicken, lamb, beef, and more. This gives your dog plenty of choices and help you to make sure you’re feeding your pet something that is both healthy and tasty. Also, Beneful makes dog snacks as well such as twists and biscuits.

A Focus on Health

As you probably guessed from the names of some of the foods above Beneful places a strong emphasis on your dog’s health. With special foods meant to help their teeth, weight, and other factors you can easily find something to suit your pet. Be mindful of which variant you buy your dog, he or she may need a particular type of food for their body or age.

The History of Beneful

Beneful brand dog food was introduced in 2001 and as you’d probably expect it placed a strong emphasis on health and nutrition for your dog. A company representative even mentioned that the name “Beneful” means “full of goodness.” Nestle went with a $34 million dollar ad campaign that made the brand so popular that they were forced to spend another $36 million to keep up with demand for their product. In 2011 Nestle aired an innovative commercial for Beneful which utilized ultrasonic sounds that only dogs can hear.

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