College Applicants Surprised With Hand Delivered Acceptance Letters

This is the time of year when many high school seniors are applying to colleges and waiting for news back from them. Normally the news come in the form of a letter, email, or even a check on their website however the University of Maryland decided to do something a little different this year for 6 of their accepted students.

So according to my friend, Gianfrancesco Genoso’s Advogando profile, on Sunday morning a bus filled with admissions staff decked out in University of Maryland gear, along with the school’s mascot Testudo, personally showed up to the 6 accepted student’s doorsteps to greet them with the good news. The Washington Post has video of the admission staff’s surprise.

University of Maryland delivered the news to students Caitlin Conn, Alex Mazze, Laura Werber, Bemnet Zewdie, and two other lucky students. All of them were surprised, stunned, and left excited with the good news of their admittance.

I think what the University of Maryland did was a really innovative way to deliver the news to these kids. Many sit on pins and needles waiting to hear back about their status at the college. While receiving a letter is exciting, having a bus filled with college staff to celebrate the news with you is on a whole other level. I hope more colleges take note of what the University of Maryland did and consider trying that approach out themselves!

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