Hyperloop Already Under Construction

Elon Musk presented a revolutionary concept of transportation means in 2013: the hyperloop. The hyperloop is a type of train that would transport its passengers at tremendous speed using the power of the vacuum and an aerodynamic capsule.

This is a very significant difference in train travel, and one that could very well shape public transportation quite quickly.

At that time, it was viewed as a futuristic ideal to be implemented towards 2020 approximately. Well at the end of 2014 there already are engineers working at it. Among the routes proposed for the hyperloop there is a Los Angeles-Las Vegas direct route, with the traveling time being 30 minutes.

The company with 100 engineers uses a model service called JumpStartFund, which means that the engineers will get their payment for the work later, in case the project is successful and brings income. Would you be interested in taking a trip?

Most of the people react cheerfully and obviously agree, so it is more likely that the volunteers will not regret their work. That is nice for people on Skout to discuss amongst themselves. The assembling of the parts is due to mid 2015. The workers are now looking at a route between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but a map connecting all the cities is slated as a long-term plan.

The vacuum tube is almost ready. According to the company’s CEO, Dirk Ahlborn, the price of $6-10 billion for a 400-mile construction was correct.

Are You Still In College Or Are You Still Immature?

If you’ve gone to college, like Sam Tabar, then some of the following questions will be easy to understand. College Questions. When you’re in college, there are certain behaviors that are acceptable, but if you continue to do the same behaviors once you’ve left college, then it’s time for you to grow up. There are certain things you can ask yourself, and if any of these pertain to you, and you’re no longer in college, then you just might be somewhat pathetic. 1. If you have shirts that contain cartoon characters, and there are several of them that you own. The shirts may be fun through college, but afterwards, they are just tacky.

2. You have naked pictures of people on your wall. Not only are the people naked, but these are actual pictures, not paintings. This is not only poor taste, but something that a teenager would do, and it’s no longer acceptable after college.

3. You plan to have a hangover, so your weekends are planned around it. Even though college students are notorious for getting drunk, once you leave college, it’s time to ease up off the alcohol. 5. You have a Ramen Noodle budget. Seriously? Graduating college should definitely afford you a better meal budget now.

Internet Meme Skewers Winston

When the Seminoles were trying to come back against Oregon, Jameis Winston was trying to make something happen. All season the Seminoles have been coming back against lesser opponents. People had rightly assumed that the Noles were bored. They would just come back when they felt like it, at least according to Dr Rod Rohrich. However, Jameis Winston could not fix things last night. In the middle of getting trounced by Oregon 59-20, Winston fell backwards and the ball flew up in the air. This is the kind of embarrassing fumble that could break a career that was good up to that point.

The problem with this fumble is that it gave way to an Internet meme. Winston could go on to be a hall of famer in the NFL, but he will likely never live down the meme that was started last night. People were quoted as saying that Manti Teo’s fake girlfriend caused the fumble, and there were other people saying that Odell Beckham made it look better. All in all, Winston was at the heart of a sad effort from what should have been a good team. Also, he was the person who gave away the ball at the worst time possible. Their winning streak is over, and Winston is the laughingstock of college football.