BPA-Free Products Still Cause Health Problems

The product that replaced BPA in the making of plastic is allegedly causing just as many health problems as the BPA (bisphenol-A) did.
BPA is a chemical that mimics estrogen in the human body and causes a variety of health problems. Study results and public demand called for the removal of BPA from plastic products like baby bottles and water bottles, but something had to replace it. That something is BPS (bisphenol-S) and it is having the same negative effect on the heart as did BPA.
A study is underway at the University Cincinnati College of Medicine to discover the effect BPS has on lab rats. The results are almost identical between the two chemicals. The female lab rats are experiencing irregular heartbeats due to the estrogen effect the BPS causes. The BPS is effecting the way the heart muscles store calcium. The muscle cells of the heart are leaking calcium as well as absorbing too much calcium. That in turn creates an irregular heartbeat.
In a previous study conducted on the effects of BPS on humans, it was found that the chemical increases breast cancer cells more so than the old BPA and the new chemical also increases the risk of disrupted brain development of an unborn baby.
Marcio Alaor BMG (Em.com.br) has read that researchers warn us that BPS is not an entirely safe replacement for BPA. Both chemicals can and do cause health problems.

Dr. Rod Rohrich – top accomplishments from humble beginnings.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is an accomplished plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. Dr Rod Rohrich is currently the Professor and Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (UTSW). During his working years, he has achieved various distinction awards such as Crystal Charity Ball Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery, the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Distinguished Professorship in Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery. Dr Rod Rohrich was recognized as the top best plastic surgeons in U.S. by the Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor program. He also offers his services as Editor in Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a peer-reviewed medical journal.

Dr. Rod Rohrich came from humble beginnings of life on a ranch in North Dakota. He studied at North Dakota State University and University of North Dakota. He completed his graduate and post-graduate studies with highest honors and went on to Baylor College of Medicine for his medical degree, again graduating with honors. He completed his general and plastic surgery residency at The University of Michigan Medical Center and pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University, England.

Dr Rod Rohrich started his career at UT Southwestern Medical Center in plastic surgery department in 1986 and became the Chair of Department of Plastic Surgery in 1991. During his ongoing long and ripe career, he has already chaired over 100 national and international symposia and delivered over 900 scientific presentations on plastic surgery topics. Dr Rod Rohrich worked as Editor in Chief of the Flagship journal. Dr Rod Rohrich authored and coauthored over 300 medline-indexed publications, 30 textbook chapters in plastic surgery, and edited 4 Plastic Surgery textbooks/monographs, serving the medical community with innovative information. Dr Rod Rohrich co-authored “Navigate Your Beauty: Smart and Safe Plastic Surgery Solutions” which is a guide for patients seeking plastic surgery with all of their questions answered in very professional and easy-to-read manner.

Dr Rod Rohrich is also very involved with various organizations that relate to or advance the plastic surgery field. Dr. Rod Rohrich has written papers about innovative information on facial fracture repair,concepts of rhinoplasty and nasal anatomy, body contouring surgery and liposuction, injectable fillers,, medical education, patient safety initiatives, and breast surgery. He has served on board of various committees such as Ethics Committee, Executive Committee, and Oral Exam Committee.

As an educator in plastic surgery department, he emphasizes patient care, above all. He imparts his knowledge to his students that he has earned through his extensive practice and extra activities on plastic surgery.

Bruce Levenson takes team management to the max

Bruce Levenson, the co-founder of the United Communications Group (UCG) is a man of singular vision. The core of that vision is his belief in the effectiveness of teams. Whether he is camping in the Antarctic on his downtime, leading the Atlanta Hawks to victory, or overseeing new developments and innovations in the industry – the core of his strength lies in his ability to recognize talent for his teams.
Owner of the Atlanta Hawks
Levenson is one of the several businessman who formed the Atlanta Hawks, LLC to buy the team from Turner Broadcasting. He hired Danny Ferry, previously of the Cavaliers and the Spurs, to become general manager and president. With the Hawks, Levenson has promoted more civic responsibility with team ownership and involvement. Their 2014 trip as a team to the US Holocaust Museum to hear a survivor speak is considered to set the standard for teams going beyond the court.
Other industry involvements
Under the UCG brand, Bruce also developed the public company TechTarget. He helped to manage it until 2012 when it could stand as its own brand issue. He is also involved in BIA Digital, a private equity firm. Both he and Ed Peskowitz (co-founder of UCG) were recently added to the industry’s hall of fame. Levenson also sits on several boards for electronic publications and other industry matters.
Community involvements
Bruce Levenson dedication to the idea that business and community can thrive together is carried out of the boardroom and into real life. He was president of the Washington area I Have A Dream Foundation. He is also currently involved with the Community Foundation and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. His focus is on helping low income children realize more opportunities that will lead to success later in life.

The Antique Wine Company: Fine Wines for Sale

Wine has been a traditional beverage for many years. People have often savored the opportunity to drink wines of all kinds. The highly subtle flavors of wine can help make any food taste better and provide a satisfying end to any meal. Those who want to buy fine wines and increase their understanding this subject will often find that they have many varied resources to help them learn more about this subject. A true understanding of wine can help the person discover how to pair wines with food as well as how to provide wines of all kinds for any guests who may be at their home or place of business for a formal occasion.

One such company is the Antique Wine Company. Founded in 1982, the wine company provides varying services of all kinds for those who are new to wine as well as those who have a basic fund of knowledge about wines and want to learn even more. The Antique Wine Company has served the needs of thousands of customers for over two decades. During this time, company officials have worked with customers around the world in dozens of nations to help them get all kinds of wine related services.

The AWC can help people find sources for rare wines. A buyer may seek out unusual and interesting wines of various kinds. A wine buyer may want to own a specific type of wine to help amuse their guests, show off the taste of the flavor of a dish or just to complete a collection of wine that they are going to amass. Company officials can help those in search of such wines to find the exactly the kind of item that they want.

Another service that the company provides buyers is that of classes. Classes of all kinds can help people who are interested in the field of wine tasting learn to distinguish between various vintages. A wine class can showcase the subtle flavors in a shiraz, the warm undertones in a bottle of merlot and the crisp and musky notes in a glass of German Riesling. People can also take such classes in order to fully understand how wines are made as well as how they can be paired with all kinds of foods. This kind of understanding can help someone truly understand all the nuances of wine use in various circumstances.

BRL: The Investment and Financial Leader

BRL Trust is one of the most superior quality investment firms, and they are located in Brazil. They provide a plethora of great services for their clients that produces great profitability and security, and they are so trustworthy and reliable, that even the government has authorized their services. And furthermore, clients around the world are overjoyed with them, because they continue to establish great monetary growth from asset management to fiduciary services.

With their fiduciary services and fund administration, reliability and safety are ensured for their clients whether they are investors or entities. BRL Trust is authorized by the Securities Commission (CVM) to be the fund manager, in which they have participated in several structured and innovative transactions. BRL Trust is currently in charge of 99 funds from the administration with NAV that are worth about R$ 18.25 billion.

BRL Trust also provides for their client, the controlling and custody solutions to investment funds. These services include the following:

– Asset Settlement and Custody
– Cash Settlement
– Control in regards to the Operations of Securities Lending
– Assets Reconciliation with Clearinghouses and Depositories
– Corporate Events Control (interests, dividend, etc.)
– Procedures Settlement Centralization
– Share’s profitability and calculation
– Asset Pricing
– Taxes payments and control
– Information and reports standardization
– Control of redemptions, investments, and shareholders
– Accounting of investment funds’ events

With their trustee services, BRL Trust excels the demands of their investors with the use of their expertise in regards to the global credit market development, and the sophistication of the capital markets. Their trustee services has an assets control system called SCA, and that system specializes in the collection, controlling, monitoring, and tracking of loans. The SCA consists of a database with over 300 companies that are monitored in different sectors. The portfolio of this SCA entails over 20,000 clients, and over 500,000 transferred receivables that are in collectibles.

With the BRL Trust, they also specialize in asset underwriting. This service is for their individual and company clients for raising funds for allocation of structured deals, such as agricultural business receivables, debentures, real estate receivables, etc.

BRL Trust is a solid and proven leader in the investment and financial industry. They offer their clients worldwide, an array of great offers that will ensure profitability and security. With their expertise, their clients are thrilled to have found them. And they are so extraordinary, that the government have authorized them over highly sensitive, and financial matters.

Dallas Waiting on Jermaine

Jermaine O’Neal is one of the few players that came into the league straight out of high school and actually had a very successful career in the National Basketball Association. He has played eighteen seasons in the league so far in his career, although he is only thirty-six years old and still has some gas in the tank. He is currently a free agent, after playing with the Golden State Warriors last year, but he is supposed to be back in the league by now. There was a ton of talk about him coming back to play the second half of the season and sign with a team before the trade deadline and it came out that he was most likely to sign with the Dallas Mavericks. Fans such as Susan Gallo know that has not come to fruition as of yet, which is starting to confuse a lot of people. More on Susan is available on Forbes.com. Chances are that he will sign with the team and hop aboard for the playoff push and the Mavericks definitely need him coming off the bench. If nothing else, he is a great veteran that can be signed for a small amount of money and the Mavericks absolutely want to get him on the roster as soon as possible. There is a lot of speculation as to why he hasn’t signed yet, but maybe he is considering not playing or there is the possibility that he is wagering for more money.

Have You Hear Of Psychiatrist and Author Dr. Daniel Amen?

Dr. Daniel Amen is a widely respected American psychiatrist specializing in treating brain disorders. He is the director of the world famous Amen Clinics, as well as a New York Times bestselling author who has sold thousands of copies of his books.

His clinics offer specialized medical services to those who have problems with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well as other types of psychiatric disorders. Clinic officials use a technique that is known as single photon emission computed tomography (also known as SPECT scans) that can be helpful as a diagnostic tool to find out what Dr. Amen believes are sub-categories of such disorders, as worked out by Dr. Amen himself after many years of research and investigation into the subject. Dr. Amen has done many kinds of studies on such brain injuries including those that are affecting professional athletes and may pose long-term problems for them after they leave the profession. The doctor serves in an official capacity as a post-concussion consultant for members of the National Football League.

The doctor is a native of California and was born in Encino, California to parents who immigrated to the country from their native Lebanon. Dr. Amen received his undergraduate degree in the field of biology from Southern California College in 1978. He then received his doctorate in 1982 in medicine from Oral Roberts University School of Medicine. After the completion of his studies, he did his basic general psychiatric training at the world famous Walter Reed Army Medical Center that is located in Washington, D.C. He later received further specialized training as he completed his child and adolescent psychiatry classes at Tripler Army Medical Center in the Hawaiian city of Honolulu. Dr. Amen was able to complete the necessary two hundred hours of additional training in order to obtain a specialized radioactive materials license that is given from the Institute of Nuclear Medicine Education. After this time, he carried out the entire required thousand hours of highly specialized clinical supervision in reading scans that would provide him with the basis of his training and insights. At present, Dr. Amen holds a double board certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology n the area of General Psychiatry as well as one in the field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. This training has helped him work with patients and meet their needs for the right kind of psychiatric care.


You can follow Dr. Daniel Amen on Twitter.

QNet Utilizing its Market Strategy to Benefit Everyone

QNet is a direct selling company based in Hong Kong that sells a wide range of consumer goods including nutritional products, home care accessories, and fashion merchandise. The company founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran, follows a multi-level marketing model strategy through sales volume commission by depending on independent representatives to market its products.  The company holds offices in numerous Asian countries, making it the world’s biggest and most successful online shopping and business industry.

QNet’s unique concept model of a direct selling company is through its ability to establish a framework through network marketing business opportunities and attractive compensation plans. The company does much of the internal work by researching products, packaging and shipping, employee training, and control wages. The independent reps who are in business can in return become flexible entrepreneurs in terms of time and effort, and will make an earning based solely on the amount of products they can sell.

The sales model is a huge victory for both corporate and independent representatives, despite outside criticism about its fairness. Eswaran has made it clear that although independent representatives are not technically employees within his company, he stresses fairness that they make their fair share while still allowing the QNet to grow its profit margin.  Many representative testimonials reflect on the fact that those who know how to do their job can become very successful in a very quick amount of time, and verify that there are no scams involved.