QNet Utilizing its Market Strategy to Benefit Everyone

QNet is a direct selling company based in Hong Kong that sells a wide range of consumer goods including nutritional products, home care accessories, and fashion merchandise. The company founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran, follows a multi-level marketing model strategy through sales volume commission by depending on independent representatives to market its products.  The company holds offices in numerous Asian countries, making it the world’s biggest and most successful online shopping and business industry.

QNet’s unique concept model of a direct selling company is through its ability to establish a framework through network marketing business opportunities and attractive compensation plans. The company does much of the internal work by researching products, packaging and shipping, employee training, and control wages. The independent reps who are in business can in return become flexible entrepreneurs in terms of time and effort, and will make an earning based solely on the amount of products they can sell.

The sales model is a huge victory for both corporate and independent representatives, despite outside criticism about its fairness. Eswaran has made it clear that although independent representatives are not technically employees within his company, he stresses fairness that they make their fair share while still allowing the QNet to grow its profit margin.  Many representative testimonials reflect on the fact that those who know how to do their job can become very successful in a very quick amount of time, and verify that there are no scams involved.

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