BRL: The Investment and Financial Leader

BRL Trust is one of the most superior quality investment firms, and they are located in Brazil. They provide a plethora of great services for their clients that produces great profitability and security, and they are so trustworthy and reliable, that even the government has authorized their services. And furthermore, clients around the world are overjoyed with them, because they continue to establish great monetary growth from asset management to fiduciary services.

With their fiduciary services and fund administration, reliability and safety are ensured for their clients whether they are investors or entities. BRL Trust is authorized by the Securities Commission (CVM) to be the fund manager, in which they have participated in several structured and innovative transactions. BRL Trust is currently in charge of 99 funds from the administration with NAV that are worth about R$ 18.25 billion.

BRL Trust also provides for their client, the controlling and custody solutions to investment funds. These services include the following:

– Asset Settlement and Custody
– Cash Settlement
– Control in regards to the Operations of Securities Lending
– Assets Reconciliation with Clearinghouses and Depositories
– Corporate Events Control (interests, dividend, etc.)
– Procedures Settlement Centralization
– Share’s profitability and calculation
– Asset Pricing
– Taxes payments and control
– Information and reports standardization
– Control of redemptions, investments, and shareholders
– Accounting of investment funds’ events

With their trustee services, BRL Trust excels the demands of their investors with the use of their expertise in regards to the global credit market development, and the sophistication of the capital markets. Their trustee services has an assets control system called SCA, and that system specializes in the collection, controlling, monitoring, and tracking of loans. The SCA consists of a database with over 300 companies that are monitored in different sectors. The portfolio of this SCA entails over 20,000 clients, and over 500,000 transferred receivables that are in collectibles.

With the BRL Trust, they also specialize in asset underwriting. This service is for their individual and company clients for raising funds for allocation of structured deals, such as agricultural business receivables, debentures, real estate receivables, etc.

BRL Trust is a solid and proven leader in the investment and financial industry. They offer their clients worldwide, an array of great offers that will ensure profitability and security. With their expertise, their clients are thrilled to have found them. And they are so extraordinary, that the government have authorized them over highly sensitive, and financial matters.

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