Bruce Levenson takes team management to the max

Bruce Levenson, the co-founder of the United Communications Group (UCG) is a man of singular vision. The core of that vision is his belief in the effectiveness of teams. Whether he is camping in the Antarctic on his downtime, leading the Atlanta Hawks to victory, or overseeing new developments and innovations in the industry – the core of his strength lies in his ability to recognize talent for his teams.
Owner of the Atlanta Hawks
Levenson is one of the several businessman who formed the Atlanta Hawks, LLC to buy the team from Turner Broadcasting. He hired Danny Ferry, previously of the Cavaliers and the Spurs, to become general manager and president. With the Hawks, Levenson has promoted more civic responsibility with team ownership and involvement. Their 2014 trip as a team to the US Holocaust Museum to hear a survivor speak is considered to set the standard for teams going beyond the court.
Other industry involvements
Under the UCG brand, Bruce also developed the public company TechTarget. He helped to manage it until 2012 when it could stand as its own brand issue. He is also involved in BIA Digital, a private equity firm. Both he and Ed Peskowitz (co-founder of UCG) were recently added to the industry’s hall of fame. Levenson also sits on several boards for electronic publications and other industry matters.
Community involvements
Bruce Levenson dedication to the idea that business and community can thrive together is carried out of the boardroom and into real life. He was president of the Washington area I Have A Dream Foundation. He is also currently involved with the Community Foundation and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. His focus is on helping low income children realize more opportunities that will lead to success later in life.

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