Dr. Rod Rohrich – top accomplishments from humble beginnings.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is an accomplished plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. Dr Rod Rohrich is currently the Professor and Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (UTSW). During his working years, he has achieved various distinction awards such as Crystal Charity Ball Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery, the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Distinguished Professorship in Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery. Dr Rod Rohrich was recognized as the top best plastic surgeons in U.S. by the Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor program. He also offers his services as Editor in Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a peer-reviewed medical journal.

Dr. Rod Rohrich came from humble beginnings of life on a ranch in North Dakota. He studied at North Dakota State University and University of North Dakota. He completed his graduate and post-graduate studies with highest honors and went on to Baylor College of Medicine for his medical degree, again graduating with honors. He completed his general and plastic surgery residency at The University of Michigan Medical Center and pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University, England.

Dr Rod Rohrich started his career at UT Southwestern Medical Center in plastic surgery department in 1986 and became the Chair of Department of Plastic Surgery in 1991. During his ongoing long and ripe career, he has already chaired over 100 national and international symposia and delivered over 900 scientific presentations on plastic surgery topics. Dr Rod Rohrich worked as Editor in Chief of the Flagship journal. Dr Rod Rohrich authored and coauthored over 300 medline-indexed publications, 30 textbook chapters in plastic surgery, and edited 4 Plastic Surgery textbooks/monographs, serving the medical community with innovative information. Dr Rod Rohrich co-authored “Navigate Your Beauty: Smart and Safe Plastic Surgery Solutions” which is a guide for patients seeking plastic surgery with all of their questions answered in very professional and easy-to-read manner.

Dr Rod Rohrich is also very involved with various organizations that relate to or advance the plastic surgery field. Dr. Rod Rohrich has written papers about innovative information on facial fracture repair,concepts of rhinoplasty and nasal anatomy, body contouring surgery and liposuction, injectable fillers,, medical education, patient safety initiatives, and breast surgery. He has served on board of various committees such as Ethics Committee, Executive Committee, and Oral Exam Committee.

As an educator in plastic surgery department, he emphasizes patient care, above all. He imparts his knowledge to his students that he has earned through his extensive practice and extra activities on plastic surgery.

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