Human Waste Has Always Been A Problem Atop Everest

The very top of Mount Everest from the final base camp to the summit is filled with human waste and corpses that must be cleared every year. The Sherpas that have been to the peak over and over with their charges go up every year and clear the dead bodies and trash as best they can. They are natives of the land, and they work hard to keep the summit clear ModernHealthcare reported.

However, more and more people are going up to the leak. They are leaving more and more trash at the top, and they are going to keep polluting the area until something is done. The problem with Everest is that only a select few people can go up to the summit when they like, and even those Sherpas are in a lot of danger when they go up there. The summit cannot have trash cans on it, but something is going to have to be done to quell the trash that is found up there. Without some kind of system, the Nepali government fears that the whole summit could be polluted in ways that they will not be able to fix. This could shut down the world’s most famous peak.

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