Recently Vaccinated People Spread Disease

The Public Health Officials are well aware of this problem and have issued warnings to effect of not letting a recently vaccinated person visit and a child undergoing cancer treatment.

According to Brad Reifler, when a person, young or old, receives a vaccination to prevent them from coming down with an illness. the vaccine itself contains the illness. That’s how vaccines work to protect us – live cultures of a disease, such as measles, polio, chicken pox, rubella or influenza, are injected into the body. The body’s own defense system goes to work to build up a natural immunity to the disease so that when we are exposed to live germs, our immune systems fights them off and prevents us from contacting the disease.
However, because we are in essence a walking petri dish of the illness-causing germs after receiving a vaccination, we can spread the disease.
St. Jude’s Hospital has a statement on their website that warns parents not to permit anyone to visit their hospitalized child who has recently been vaccinated for small pox, MMR or the flu. IN some cases, the recently vaccinated person needs to stay away for up to four weeks.
Children (or adults) undergoing cancer treatment have a compromised immune system and are highly susceptible to catching any illness-causing germ that comes their way. Everyone should stay away from a newly vaccinated person because they can spread the disease they were vaccinated against.

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