Apples New Game Changer

Hoping to win over the precious real estate on your wrist, Apple released the Apple Watch today. The watch is the first new product launch from Apple since 2010, and many speculate this could be a game changer in the wearable tech market. Unlike most watches, this one doesn’t just tell you the time but can also tell you when appointments are coming up based on your calendar events. You can receive alerts of texts messages, emails, and phone calls just to name a few. When an alert comes through the person wearing the watch will feel a gentle tap on their wrist.


Dan Newlin has read that the Apple Watch can also replace your health and fitness tracker. Unlike most health trackers on the market that only track the quantity of sleep and activity this watch also monitors the quality of your activity. By using their fitness app, Apple can give you personalized goals based on what it learns from your movements over time.


There are many styles and colors to choose from starting at $349. Their Sport model comes in silver or space gray with many colorful wristband choices. The stainless steel design is stylish and offers the largest variety of band choices including link or leather options. The Apple Watch Edition is their higher end product and includes 18-k gold case in either yellow or rose tone. With so much variety, there is a watch style available for every personality.


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