Yale to Offer First Online Degree Program

There is nothing quite as prestigious as an Ivy League education. With the boom of online education taking over the post-secondary world, Yale has jumped aboard. Yale University has announced that they will offer the first-ever online degree program in the school’s decorated history. Partnering with ed-tech company 2U Inc., the Ivy League school will offer a Master’s program for Physician’s Assistants with tuition and fees totaling nearly $84,000.

Prior to the launch of the online master’s degree program, the only free courses Yale has offered were Massive Open Online Classes, or otherwise known as MOOC’s. School officials are confident that the new program out of Yale’s School of Medicine, will provide the same quality education and experience that traditional on-campus students receive.

There are other Ivy League schools that offer virtual degree programs. Ricardo Tosto tells us that Brown and Columbia both offer online master degree programs that have proved to be a steady revenue stream for the universities. Many school constituents are worried online education can cheapen the prominent reputation the school has while others are confident this will broaden enrollment and accessibility to qualified students. What do you think?

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