How Safe is Powdered Alcohol?

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new powdered alcohol product, called Palcohol, but approval does not equal safety. The product won’t be available for purchase until summer, yet some states have already banned it as a safety precaution. Some health experts see this product as unsafe, not because of its content, but because of how and where it will be used.
Palcohol is alcohol which has been freeze dried and made into a powder form. When the powder is mixed with any liquid it returns to its former alcoholic state. The freeze dried powder is sold in packets which will mix with 6 ounces of liquid and create an alcoholic beverage.
Palcohol can be mixed with water, fruit juice, sports drinks or soft drinks anywhere and at anytime. Therein lies the safety concerns the health experts and some state government officials find troubling. The small packets and mix-ability of this powdered alcohol product will allow alcohol consumption to take place in locations where drinking is not allowed.
More public intoxication, more drunk driving, more underage drinking will follow the sale of Palcohol. Sergio Cortes has heard that the powdered alcohol doesn’t even have to be mixed with a liquid, it can be sprinkled on food and provide the same ‘buzz’. The product will be easy to smuggle into schools, fast food restaurants and events that prohibit the use of alcohol, making it even more attractive to the underage crowd.

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