‘Tech Neck’ Should Replace ‘Turkey Neck’

Everyone is blaming smartphones out of all the bads in the world, at least in terms of some particular health issues that can come about. Their most recent fault is in creating physical appearance issues. Namely, the hours spent looking down at a smartphone or laptop enhances the wrinkles on the neck stated Brad Reifler.

Dr. Ed Williams says that young people spending a year at the station every day and killing time with a game on the smartphone would notice the effect very soon. The 10-12 pound head pointed downwards speeds up the tear of the muscles. Women are great at taking care of their faces, but many of them ignore the necks. Hence, the salonists said that their recent job is to deal with ‘tech necks’, and that can replace the term of ‘turkey necks’ to be up to date.

Switching off all the tech and staying away from the civilization is not a solution. Keeping the head straight is. It seems that the long advised idea of placing the computer at the level of the eyes, so that one would have to look forward and not downward, is not only beneficial for the eyesight but can save us from the ‘tech necks’ too.

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