Colleges Need to Stop Putting Sensitivity Above Intellectual Freedom

College campuses used to be a place where people were free to express views and engage in debate and maybe learn something while doing so. Over the past decade or two they have become something else. They are havens from ever being offended by anything anyone ever says or does. If some speaker has been invited to speak on campus, but you feel they might say something that offends you, then by all means start a petition and protest, and try to get their invitation canceled. Whatever you do, don’t engage their ideas by questioning them as this might show that you actually have confidence in your positions and beliefs. Instead, the trend is to shut down any possible offense through speech codes and censorship of controversial stances.

This ridiculousness has just risen to a new level, or perhaps sunk to a new level is a better way to express it stated Brad Reifler via social media. Now, a screening of a top rated box office blockbuster movie on a couple college campuses has been stopped by a few petitioners and protesters who say the film “American Sniper” is offensive to Muslims. In reality the only Muslims it’s offensive to are the relative handful of violent and dangerous ones that the movie depicts the star of the film killing. How that is offensive to Muslims in general is a complete mystery, and colleges such as the University of Michigan and the University of Missouri need to reverse their decisions and stop catering to such nonsense.

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