Huawei has Introduced its New Smartwatch

At the age of the Mobile World Technology , Huawei has also joined the market of the smartwatches with its new next generation smartwatch at Barcelona. Huawei has gives the feeling ‘WOW’ to the audience with the new next generation smartwatch to the users.
Huawei watch is powered by Android; get the maximum attention from the crowd because of the performance and sporting looking design. While looking at the Huawei watch, everybody will make a first comparison with the Moto 360 watch. However, NY Times says that this is a normal watch looking face with a round design.

Having the round figure with 3 different colors, black, gold and silver. One of the people of the conference was wearing the Huawei watch of gold color and its looks great. The gold wrist of the watch is giving a premier elegant feeling to the audiences. Moreover, the black one is also look like the gold variant with stainless steel and lack of heavy weight.

Huawei offers 400 x 400 screen resolutions to the 1.4 inch AMOLED display. However, the light does not look like to the technology of AMOLED, meanwhile, looks like artificial lighting. At Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chip is powering the new watch with 512 MB of RAM with barometer and heart rate sensor.

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