UFC Considered an Interim Middleweight Title

Chris ‘The All-American’ Weidman is scheduled to defend his UFC Middleweight Championship belt at UFC 187 on May 23, 2015 against number three ranked Vitor Belfort. Ironically, the two were scheduled to face each other at UFC 173 in May of 2014. The fight however did not happen. The fight was canceled when TRT was banned by the Nevada Athletic commission on Feb. 27, 2014. In a statement given by Belfort, he felt that due to the short period between the Commissions announcement of the ban and his fight with Weidman, he was not going apply for a license to fight in Nevada.

December of 2014, Weidman and Belfort were again penciled in to meet in the ring at UFC 181. Unfortunately for Weidman he suffered a broken hand according to Igor Cornelsen. The accident happened during training camp and it forced Weidman to withdraw from the fight. With hopes of finally getting the two fighters in the ring, the UFC once again paired the two up for a showdown at UFC 184 last February. Once again, Weidman would be sidelined by a rib injury that he suffered in training. Due to Weidman pulling out of the fight not once but twice, the UFC tossed around the idea of a interim title fight. When Weidman was told about the possibility of an interim title fight and the possibility of losing his belt, he told Dana White that he would be ready to fight in May. So after many attempts to get these to fighters into the ring, bar another injury on either side, it will finally happen this Saturday at UFC 187.

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