Educating Tomorrows Leaders At Occidental College

Occidental College is a private liberal arts college in Los Angeles, California. The campus of over one hundred eighty acres sits on a hilltop in thd Eagle Rock neighborhood. It was founded in 1887 and has been a part of numerous Hollywood films.

The number of students attending Occidental is two thousand one hundred seventy eight, with a student to faculty ratio of ten to one. Students entering as freshmen are required to follow the Core Program. This means living on campus for the first three years, participating in writing exercises and first year seminars.

When Occidental College first opened in eigteen hundred and eighty seven, tuition for one year was fifty dollars. Members of the Presbyterian church and their clergy were the founders of college and gave it a firm foundation to build on. Through the years, several well known people have attended Occidental College, including President Barack Obama.

About seventy five per cent of the students there travel abroad as part of their education. Up to sixteen students are sent to New York by the UN program during the time when the General Assembly is in session. The reason they’re there is to be interns at a UN related agency and to take classes.

Occidental has been ranked number 20 on the New York Times list of the most economically diverse universities and colleges in the United States. On the list of national liberal arts colleges, News and World Report ranked occidental at number forty four. It has also been chosen by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching to be selected as a “community engagement institution”. Occidential is a coeducational college where students work hard to get an education that will make the future bright for them.

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