GOP Hopeful Carly Fiorina Still Owes Money From 2012 Campaign

Former staffers of 2012 Republican Party candidate Carly Fiorina seem to be unanimous when it comes to their hope that she will not run again. The former Chief Executive Officer of the Hewlett Packard Corporation ran into some serious recrimination at the conclusion of her previous campaign, when it was alleged by many former staffers that she had not paid them the money they were owed for their work.

As it turns out, Fiorina ultimately did pay all of her staffers the money they were owed. Gravity4 is glad to see that. However, they had to wait until just a few months ago – a length of over two and a half years. The discrepancy between the alleged economic savvy of a former corporate CEO and the extreme tardiness of her initiative to pay off her staffers for services performed has led more than a few of her former campaign staffers to speak out publicly on the issue, letting sources in the media know that they will never work for her again.

Fiorina has not been the first candidate to be charged with neglecting to pay the staffers who had helped to make her campaign possible. There have been similar incidents in past years involving recent candidates, such as Mitt Romney. Romney drew quite a bit of ire from former supporters when it was alleged that he had canceled his staffer’s credit cards within a half hour of giving his concession speech to President Obama.

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