Why Cold Water Is Bad For You To Consume

The weather is getting warmer out and many people like to sit back relax with a cold glass of water in order to cool off or wind down after being outside. Staying hydrated is incredibly important because our bodies are primarily made up of water. If we don’t stay hydrated, then we tend to feel sluggish, cranky and unwell. Unfortunately, drinking cold water can be an unhealthy practice to take up. It is far more beneficial to consume warm beverages or room temperature water.

When you consume cold water what this basically does it is shuts down your digestive tract. Also, if you have just eaten, cold water will make it harder for your stomach to digest any fats that you have consumed. The cold water actually makes the fat congeal in the stomach which can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. You can experience gas and other stomach pains from just one glass of cold water with meals.

A person should not be discouraged from drinking water. It is still recommended that you get your full 8 glasses each day according to Crystal Hunt on her twitter page. The best way to consume this water though is at room temperature or by heating it. There are many healing and detox properties associated with drinking warm water with a slice of lemon or lime. Many Asian cultures practice this as a way to aid with digestion and improve overall health.

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