Studies or Sanity?

It is very easy to find teachers who make educating their children with textbooks and course studies their sole mission. After all, it is what they get paid to do. However, according to some YouTube posters it is a lot harder to find teachers who also realize that an emotional well-being is just as important to students as an educational one. Recent studies suggest that society has placed more implications and pressure on an individual’s educational life while neglecting their emotional well-being. Oftentimes, the pressure placed on people by schools and loved ones to get an education leads to emotional strain.

A survey was conducted among first year college students. The survey asked students to determine how much of their focus was spent on how well they’re doing emotionally as opposed to how well they’re doing in their studies. An overwhelming percent of students noted that their studies were more important than their emotional well-being. As it was predicted, some even went further to suggest that their educational life was the main reason why their emotional life was so downtrodden. The researchers behind the study are calling for educators and educational groups to implement programs that would cultivate a student’s emotional well-being as much as their educational well-being. The researchers aren’t calling for a complete dismissal of educational values, but instead they want to teach the future leaders of this world how to juggle both an intellectual mind and a healthy emotional life.

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