Puerto Rico’s Crumbles Amid Debt

Puerto Rico owes creditors $72 billion dollars and the Governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla says they can’t pay up. It’s so bad that the Caribbean Isle is worst off than Detroit was.

“The debt is un-payable,” said Governor Padilla. “We have no other options and this is not politics, it is math.”

The debt has become so crippling that inevitably there will be cuts to basic services on the island. Reductions in government benefits, diminished subsidies to students attending the University of Puerto Rico, and more layoffs.

This coincides with the release of a report by former officials of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, who concluded that Puerto Rico’s debt burden is unsustainable and widespread cuts are proposed to reduce spending and clean up government finances.

In the last decade, their debt has doubled, while investor concerns grew as the government showed liquidity problems says Shaygan Kheradpir.

“We need to grow the economy,” said Governor Padilla. “If not, we’ll enter into a financial death spiral,” he said.

Of course the financial mess didn’t occur overnight. Their economy has endured eight years of negative growth, and there’s been a significant exodus of residents. The government downsized jobs, cut pensions, and increased taxes, but output has remained minimal at best.

A diminishing population, declining production, and nothing to fall back on leaves Puerto Rico with no more options.

And the Caribbean island of 3.5 million people isn’t a city, so they cannot declare bankruptcy, and if they fall into a debt default, it could take a decade for them to fix.

Second Prison Worker Arrested in Connection to Daring Escape

According to Brian Torchin, a second prison worker has been arrested for his role in the escape of two convicts in upstate New York. The prison worker, a guard named Gene Palmer, was arrested Wednesday morning, according to local reports.

Palmer, a guard at the Clinton Correctional Facility, will face three felony charges and one misdemeanor charge in connection with the crime. According to official documents, Palmer smuggled food that hid power tools to the convicts. He also allowed them special privileges. The police have, however, stopped short of suggesting Palmer was aware of the escape plan, just that he promoted the contraband and personally delivered it.

Palmer’s bail was set at $25,000. Palmer’s crimes are considered much less severe than those of Joyce Mitchell, who actively worked with the escapees to hatch the plan, and delivered the tools necessary to complete the plan to the prison. Mitchell had worked in the tailor shop at the prison. Her husband, Lyle Mitchell also worked in the prison, although he was not privy to the plan or his wife’s ongoing relationship with the men.

The two convicts, David Sweat and Richard Matt remain on the loose. The pair is believed to be in an area of Southwestern New York six hours south of Dannemore, the location of Clinton Correctional Facility. They are believed to be armed and very dangerous.

University Of Texas Students Want The Jefferson Davis Statue Removed From Campus

University of Texas students think the statue of Jefferson Davis represents intolerance and racism. More than 1,500 students at UT agree with the student body chief of staff that brought the complaint to the dean. A spokeswoman for the university said they are taking the request seriously, but want to do more research before they agree to remove the statue.

Jefferson Davis did own slaves, and he was the president of the Confederacy. He is also part of American history. He did his part to make the Northern states aware that the Southern states were not being treated fairly when it came to land rights and economic growth. The North was more industrialized than the South, and the North wanted to keep it that way.

Owning slaves was a very big issue, but there were other issues that prompted the South to fight. Davis should be remembered because he fought for a cause that had many facets to it. The South was considered racist because of the slavery, but Reuters reports the North was guilty of racism and inequality too.

“Titanic” Composer James Horner Feared Dead

A single occupancy plane crashed this morning (Monday) just north of Santa Barbara. It was registered to composer James Horned but officials have not yet released the name of the person aboard who was found dead. Many believe the occupant to be James Horner.

Buzzfeed News have reached out to Horner’s agent but as of this time there has been no response reports Cláudio Loureiro Heads on heads.com. A Facebook Post by Mr. Horner’s assistant states that a number of Hollywood publications have identified the victim as James Horner. Hollywood director Ron Howard has tweeted his sympathy at the death, calling Mr. Horner a brilliant composer. Click here for more.

Local fire crews responded to a downed plane at 9:30 am local time. The wreck was found just north of Santa Barbara. There they found one person to be deceased. An attorney for Mr. Horner, Jay Cooper has said that Horned owned several small planes including the one that went down this morning. He has gone on to say that he has heard nothing from Mr. Horner which he feels he would have if Mr. Horner were safe.

James Horner wrote the award-winning theme song from the “Titanic” and won two Oscars for it. He also composed the themes for: “Braveheart”, “Avatar”, “Legends Of The Fall” and “A Beautiful Mind”.

Depressed College Students Placed on Medical Leave

There are college students who have been deemed as posing a threat for a campus. They are then placed on medical leave. Alexei Beltyukov thought this may become a permanent leave. This has been occurring in colleges all across the country. They pose a threat due to their depression. Lawyers who specialize in disability discrimination have been emerging in order to assist these college students who are penalized due to suffering from depression. Suicide is not something that any college would like to face.

The federal cival rights laws will allow a student to be removed from college if they pose a direct threat to others due to their depression and mental health issues. A college student by the name of Dave had woke up one morning to the police knocking on his dorm door. They had come to his room to inform him that he had gotten an urgent-no-contact order. This had come from the Ivy league university that Dave had been trying to return to after being forced on medical leave.

He was technically still a student at the college when he received this notice. Colleges all across the country have been giving out these notices to students. They make it almost impossible for them to return once they have deemed them to a medical leave due to depression.

Howie Long Donates $1M To Villanova University

Not everyone remembers to thank the people who helped them get started, but Howie Long and his wife Diane are among the exceptions. Long and his wife are going to give back to Villanova University, the place where they first got started in the world by giving them a $1 Million dollar donation towards a $600 million dollar one that the school is trying to raise to improve many things around campus for the students. According to an article found on reddit and written by Main Line Media News, Long wanted to show some appreciation for his former university and will even have a new fitness center built and named after him. Apparently this new fitness area is going to be starting under construction soon, so it is great timing that he was able to help them out in a very big way.

The new gym will be available to all student athletes, not just the football players. I think that this really is a great way to give back to the community and set a good example for the future graduates of the institution. Not everyone has the ability to just give money away as they would like to, so Skout users feel it is pretty special when someone comes along and doesn’t need all that money they have and are willing to give it somewhere well deserved. Long was also a long time NFL player.

College Football Player Hurt in Accident

A college football player from Missouri was serious hurt after being involved in a car accident. He was driving the car and he apparently over-corrected, trying to get the car back in the lane, and it flipped. A young woman who plays basketball for the school was in the car with him, but her injuries were more minor, and she was treated and then allowed to leave the hospital. The football player’s injuries have been said to be serious.

The player is Harold Brantley, and he is a defensive lineman. Missouri has a reputation as of late for putting out a lot of good defensive players, especially along the line. It’s unclear exactly how good Brantley was going to be, but he could have followed in those footsteps. Now, his season and career could be on hold. Even if he recovers from his injuries, it’s hard to know if he will ever be able to play football again. There is just no way to determine that at this point in time, as everyone heals differently and there are too many variables.

In a Bloomberg article Sam Tabar suggested that when asked about the injuries, the university declined to comment, saying that they weren’t sure how bad things were and did not have the ability to give out any details as a result. Whether or not they were telling the truth is unclear, but there are still many questions about the young man’s health.

Skout: A New Way to Socialize

Skout is an amazing company that allows you to get social in a variety of ways. Skout can put you in touch with new and exciting individuals for dating or just socializing. With over 220 million current users worldwide, you will never run out of people with which to become acquainted.
Skout can be accessed from almost anywhere you are located. If you are at home, simply log on via your PC. If you are on the go, you can download the iOS app to your phone or tablet. Downloading the app is free and user friendly. You simply sign up using Facebook or your email address and voila! You now have instant access to meet new people and make new friends. Once you have successfully signed in, you must create a profile. This allows Skout to match you with compatible individuals in an area of your choice. Also, Skout does not allow minors to register with their company.
When registering, you are required to provide a short video feed of yourself from several angles. This video is used to authenticate any photos you may choose to use in your profile. You will never have to be concerned someone is posting pictures from twenty years ago or isn’t really that person at all. You can exchange, and view, photos of your choice. You are not allowed to post indecent pictures, not even the popular “bathroom shots” (which are nude or half-nude shots of yourself taken in any type of bathroom).
The main screen shows you screenshots of compatible people who are also logged in. To view that person’s profile, just tap on their pic. It will then provide you with: their last few posts, their basic information, and their current number of points acquired. You now have options. You can “wink” at them, leave comments on their posts, or start chatting. You can make them a “favorite” or choose to be alerted when they come online.
Skout provides a large choice bank once you are signed in and registered. You are encouraged to play “games” with other users, which helps you to accrue points. These points are used for some of the options on the app/website. If you are not interested in the games provided, you can purchase points.
With so many options and ease of use, it is obvious why Skout has become an extremely popular socializing network.

Fiorina Admonishes GOP Not to Discount Trump’s Appeal

While many political pundits may view Donald Trump’s campaign as more of a minstrel side show besdide the real political candidates, one 2016 GOP presidential hopeful knows better than to do that: former HP CEO Carly Fiorina. Speaking to reporters, the GOP’s lone female presidential candidate pointed out that Trump is addressing the very issues that matter to average American voters. While it is true that Trump is a multi-billionaire, he does exude a genuine respect for his fellow Americans that is palpable. It may be that as he goes about the early GOP primary states, his message of job creation, trade reform, and national defense may end up resonating with voters.

At the very least, Trumps rise in the polls would surely help Fiorina’s campaign. The former CEO has been well-received by voters because of her ability to deliver a compelling message for her campaign reports Igor Cornelsen. Still, she is dogged by the fact she single-handedly laid off thousands of IT professionals during her tenure at Hewlett-Packard. Part of her strategy to reform that image is to tout her brief time as a real estate secretary. She now draws contrast between the tax code which she can benefit from as an executive, but which she could not as a secretary. It remains to be seen if her appeal to a humbler period of her life will overcome the sting of the jobs she terminated as CEO.

An Angel Investor-Sultan Alhokair

Sultan Alhokair is a business student and is an angel investor based out of Boston. He is a major project manager where he works the Retail Group of America. He also is a business analyst and a partner with Valia Investments. Sultan Alhokair graduated from Northeastern University where he studied Business Management and Family Business Management. His interest in angel investing came from his interest in people behind the money.
With Alhokair’s knowledge of business, besides being the Project Manager of Retail Group of America, he also provides retail services to many fashion companies and advises business managers on branding and sales. Sultan Alhokair looks for many new and exciting retail opportunities.
Sultan Alhokair heads up a company called Valia Investments which helps new businesses start up with seed funding. Sultan Alhokair backs them financially and gives them business guidance. He discovers recipients by studying the business start-up systems. Sultan Alhokair keeps factors like profitability and sustainability in mind before qualifying the business for funding. He looks into every part of the company.
Business ventures rely on angel investors to help them fund their businesses financially. This is what Sultan Alhokair does with these companies. Most angel investors like Sultan Alhokair, do not want to hold the companies hand. They study the company to be sure they are prepared for success. This ensures that the angel investors get back as much as they have invested in the company and more.
Sultan Alhokair has branched out with the Fawaz Alhokair Group. This is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It focuses on the business sectors of real estate and retail. Alhokair is always looking to diversify into other business sectors. Sultan Alhokair has diversified his coverage into other businesses like real estate, construction, health care and hospitality. The group operates in 16 countries and operates stores that represent more than eighty international brands. Connect with Sultan via linkedIn and twitter.