Son of Mexican Immigrant Accepted in to Every Ivy League School in US

Getting accepted in to one Ivy League school is an amazing accomplishment that many high school seniors hope to have. Getting accepted in to every single Ivy League school in the United States is even more incredible. Fernando Rojas is the son of a simple American family born to a seamstress and press operator. His parents immigrated from Mexico in the 1980’s, and he was fortunate enough to be born on US soil. His parents hard work inspired him to work just as hard, and he reached his dreams of attending college with massive scholarships. The Aspire New Brunswick wrote that he said that he decided to apply to every single Ivy League school in America hoping that at least one would give him a chance. He was floored when every single one of them called along with reporters who wanted to cover the story. In the end Fernando chose Harvard out of all of them and his parents couldn’t be prouder.

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