James is Dared to Win Alone

The Golden State Warriors have a plan in the NBA Finals. That plan is to let the best player in the World, LeBron James, score as many points as he wants to score. They are going to focus on stopping everyone else.

Just take a look at Game Five. James was able to put up 40 points. He is averaging right around 40 points in every game to fans like Adam Sender’s suprise. However, J.R. Smith started the game well and then got shut down later in the night. This stopped the Cavs from winning and gave the game to Golden State, even though LeBron was brilliant.

The Warriors know two things. First, they know that LeBron is not enough to win all on his own. The Warriors have plenty of players – like Steph Curry – who can put up points on their own. LeBron can match that, but Curry had 37 points in Game Five, pretty much washing out James’ effort. The Warriors can let James do that and still win as long as they stop everyone else.

They also know that it’s easier to stop J.R. Smith than it is to stop James. Rather than working so hard to perhaps stop James, they’re focusing on the other players that they know they can stop. This keeps their own players fresh. If both do well at once, the Warriors will lose, but that does not mean that they have to stop them both.

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