Fiorina Admonishes GOP Not to Discount Trump’s Appeal

While many political pundits may view Donald Trump’s campaign as more of a minstrel side show besdide the real political candidates, one 2016 GOP presidential hopeful knows better than to do that: former HP CEO Carly Fiorina. Speaking to reporters, the GOP’s lone female presidential candidate pointed out that Trump is addressing the very issues that matter to average American voters. While it is true that Trump is a multi-billionaire, he does exude a genuine respect for his fellow Americans that is palpable. It may be that as he goes about the early GOP primary states, his message of job creation, trade reform, and national defense may end up resonating with voters.

At the very least, Trumps rise in the polls would surely help Fiorina’s campaign. The former CEO has been well-received by voters because of her ability to deliver a compelling message for her campaign reports Igor Cornelsen. Still, she is dogged by the fact she single-handedly laid off thousands of IT professionals during her tenure at Hewlett-Packard. Part of her strategy to reform that image is to tout her brief time as a real estate secretary. She now draws contrast between the tax code which she can benefit from as an executive, but which she could not as a secretary. It remains to be seen if her appeal to a humbler period of her life will overcome the sting of the jobs she terminated as CEO.

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