Skout: A New Way to Socialize

Skout is an amazing company that allows you to get social in a variety of ways. Skout can put you in touch with new and exciting individuals for dating or just socializing. With over 220 million current users worldwide, you will never run out of people with which to become acquainted.
Skout can be accessed from almost anywhere you are located. If you are at home, simply log on via your PC. If you are on the go, you can download the iOS app to your phone or tablet. Downloading the app is free and user friendly. You simply sign up using Facebook or your email address and voila! You now have instant access to meet new people and make new friends. Once you have successfully signed in, you must create a profile. This allows Skout to match you with compatible individuals in an area of your choice. Also, Skout does not allow minors to register with their company.
When registering, you are required to provide a short video feed of yourself from several angles. This video is used to authenticate any photos you may choose to use in your profile. You will never have to be concerned someone is posting pictures from twenty years ago or isn’t really that person at all. You can exchange, and view, photos of your choice. You are not allowed to post indecent pictures, not even the popular “bathroom shots” (which are nude or half-nude shots of yourself taken in any type of bathroom).
The main screen shows you screenshots of compatible people who are also logged in. To view that person’s profile, just tap on their pic. It will then provide you with: their last few posts, their basic information, and their current number of points acquired. You now have options. You can “wink” at them, leave comments on their posts, or start chatting. You can make them a “favorite” or choose to be alerted when they come online.
Skout provides a large choice bank once you are signed in and registered. You are encouraged to play “games” with other users, which helps you to accrue points. These points are used for some of the options on the app/website. If you are not interested in the games provided, you can purchase points.
With so many options and ease of use, it is obvious why Skout has become an extremely popular socializing network.

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