Second Prison Worker Arrested in Connection to Daring Escape

According to Brian Torchin, a second prison worker has been arrested for his role in the escape of two convicts in upstate New York. The prison worker, a guard named Gene Palmer, was arrested Wednesday morning, according to local reports.

Palmer, a guard at the Clinton Correctional Facility, will face three felony charges and one misdemeanor charge in connection with the crime. According to official documents, Palmer smuggled food that hid power tools to the convicts. He also allowed them special privileges. The police have, however, stopped short of suggesting Palmer was aware of the escape plan, just that he promoted the contraband and personally delivered it.

Palmer’s bail was set at $25,000. Palmer’s crimes are considered much less severe than those of Joyce Mitchell, who actively worked with the escapees to hatch the plan, and delivered the tools necessary to complete the plan to the prison. Mitchell had worked in the tailor shop at the prison. Her husband, Lyle Mitchell also worked in the prison, although he was not privy to the plan or his wife’s ongoing relationship with the men.

The two convicts, David Sweat and Richard Matt remain on the loose. The pair is believed to be in an area of Southwestern New York six hours south of Dannemore, the location of Clinton Correctional Facility. They are believed to be armed and very dangerous.

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