Bernie Sanders Picks Up Momentum In Wisconsin

It appears that Bernie Sanders may have even more momentum than anyone in the media has been willing to admit to. The Sanders hosted the largest campaign event that they have so far held, and perhaps the largest of any presidential hopeful in this cycle.

According to the Times Free Press, Sanders managed to garner some 10,000 plus people to come see him give a speech in that state. Even more impressive, this event was not some long awaited or choreographed event. Rather, it was something that organizers say was thrown together last minute in a lot of ways. Still, the Senator managed to get the attention of that many people, and this fact along is rather impressive.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir, Sanders is still considered to be a long shot by a lot in the media, but that is not stopping his campaign from moving forward. They see this as a mountain to climb, but they are prepared to take the first steps in that journey and start making necessary efforts to get it done. This is a great start for them.

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