Beneful, for Our Pursuit of Happiness

As an authority, when people ask me what should they fed their dogs, I let them know that there are many variables surrounding the correct answer to the question. Therefore, any brand that I recommend will have to be a very well rounded, nutritional brand that has dry and wet food types. This is important because dogs have preferences. In order to make sure that the dog will eat appropriately, it is entirely ordinary to find a brand that they at least like. The brand will also have to have a lot of information about the types of foods, and the specific targets of the nutritional components of particular ingredients. This allows owners to further target their dog’s nutritional intake based on their dog’s specific issues.

This brand will have to be comprehensive to fulfill all of the requirements, and because they are feeding loved ones, the brand must be based on an old parent brand that has been trusted for decades. The only brand available today that fulfills these requirements is Purina’s Beneful brand. Since I have been recommending this brand, I have had no complaints. To the contrary, people thank me every day for their dog’s improved or returned vigor. People get their dogs for companions, and when they do not feel well, the owner naturally wants to do something about it. If it is not caused by a specific illness, it is most often related to their dog’s nutrition.

A healthy dog’s system will naturally rebuff many problems because of its natural resiliency. This resiliency can be significantly optimized with the correct nutrition. Additionally, they maintain a healthy weight with the nutrition that Beneful provides. This is an undeniable sign that their food delivers on its promise of being levels above the competition. The packaging is appropriately labeled with all of the necessary information that an owner can think of in order to make the correct selection for their dogs without compromising one iota of nutrition. The dogs that I am affiliated with are all champions in every area of competition.

A testament to the beneficial nutrition that Beneful provides is that many of these champion dogs are both ring and field champions. This makes these dogs very valuable for breeding and show purposes. Champion dogs can produce thousands of dollars in offspring and breeding fees. Their nutrition is as important to their success as their breeding. That makes Beneful a small investment in comparison to its large return both in happy animals and in our bottom line.

The facts are that we would not be able to care for dogs for a living if our animals were not of this level of pedigree and performance. So thanks to Beneful, we get to do what we love and at this level. We would not trust our millions of dollars in dogs to any other brand except the brand that continues to deliver. We have too much at stake to make changes and suffer because of them, the recovery time alone would cost us thousands. We need Beneful.

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