Ditch the Coins – Austin Laundromat Uses Card System

Coin Operated Laundromats have been around since the beginning of Laundromats. Customers come into Laundromats with bags of coins and insert them into the washers and dryers one dirty and annoying coin at a time. Not only is this a burdensome task for customers, but it also takes up their time. For example, if a customer wants to use a large machine that costs $5.00 per load, they would need to insert 20 quarters into the machine. Who has time for that

Laundry Works of Austin, Texas offers a faster and more convenient option to its customers – Card Operated Laundry Machines! Laundry Works’ entire Laundromat is card operated. That means you will never have to save your quarters and drag them with you when it is time to do your laundry. Powered by Card Concepts, Inc., customers are now able pay for their laundry with cash, credit and/or debit cards. When customers come into Laundry Works they will receive a new card from the X-Changer machines. Then they can register their card and add funds all on the bright and large touch screen display. If the card is ever lost or misplaced, customers will be issued a new card and the previous credit balance can easily be transferred. Additionally, customers can keep track of their card usage and earn free wash points every time they use their laundry card.

Being located on West Campus of the University of Texas at Austin, students demand innovative technology in everything they do. The card operated system offered by Laundry Works provides college students with the ease and expediency they demand. Students appreciate the conveniences of being able to use their credit and debit cards to pay for their essentials. A fully card operated Laundromat enables students to focus on what is most important without worrying about having enough quarters for clean clothes.

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