The Inspiring Life of Fersen Lambranho

It has not always been easy to find the motivation that I need on my job, but I have listened to Fersen Lambranho speak and he can motivate anyone. I believe that he has become someone to look up to because he really knows a lot about the business world. Lambranho is a smart man that has managed to create the type of life as an asset manager that most people aspire to get to. He manages billions in funds and the company that he works for, GP Investments, is continuing to grow.

I believe the thing that I like about Fersen Lambranho the most is his ability to stay flexible and adapt to change. He started out in engineering. He would move into finances. This would provide to be two different extremes, but Fersen has been able to navigate this course in investing easily. Lambranho has become one of Brazil’s most successful, and I find this inspiring alone because Lambranho could have found himself on the other side of Brazil’s high poverty line. He refused to be another statistic though. He would find himself in search of a much better life.

Fersen Lambranho

Fersen has been an inspiration to me and my friends because he is one those that saw the value of education in Brazil. I marvel at the way that he continues to help those that need help in the investment world. He has clients that are huge corporations. He knows how to analyze the Brazilian market and help investors see the best returns on investment.
Fersen Lambranho

Fersen is also the person that GP Investments looks to when it comes to investing in new companies. He is the leader of the pack that makes decisions on what GP Investments will put their money into next. This can be a stressful role at times, but it has become a job that he is well equipped to handle. He makes it look easy because he has been doing it for so long. He has been able to secure a career as a financial manager of funds because Lambranho has been able to discover that he is good at it. He has made his mark in Brazil, but Lambranho actually has a global perspective when it comes to finances. Brazil is a country that specializes in the export of raw materials. This gives Lambranho the chance interact with other countries and bare witness to the economic conditions and investment potential that these companies possess.
Fersen Lambranho

The life of Lambranho is spectacular because has defied the odds and become a leader that has showed others the way. He has a financial and technical perspective that makes him an incredible leader.

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